Monday, December 2, 2013

Connor's 1 Year Pictures

I got Connor's 1 year pictures taken a little late due to a bit of confusion with a local photographer. I had won a free session months ago that I planned to use, but after some mixed up communications, we decided to use that session for Grace's 3 year pictures in January instead. So I decided to go to JCPenney's portrait studio for Connor's pictures. Honestly, I have had mixed experiences with JCP. But luckily I've found an amazing photographer at our local studio who is great with my kids. Connor didn't want to sit still at all, but I'm still pleased with what she got. He refused to do a real smile and only did his open mouth laugh.

I love his long eye lashes

She kept trying to get him to hold the 1, this is what he thought about that:
Lovely face, isn't it? It made me giggle.

I didn't have anyone who could babysit Grace during his session, so I brought her along. I honestly thought that it would be a disaster, since she has hated anything having to do with getting pictures taken in the past. But I dressed her up with a bit of minuscule hope that she might actually decide to join in the pictures. And sure enough, as soon as we got there, she happily sat down with Connor. Unfortunately her eyes are half closed, but beggars can't be choosers right?

She was actually mad at me that I wouldn't let her be in more pictures. I had to hold her to keep her from jumping in the shot. She liked the photographer and was having a great time. Still, I was shocked when I went in the other room to change Connor's outfit and she happily stayed in the studio and followed the photographers instructions. She still has some separation anxiety and stranger danger, so this was a huge deal for her! The photographer got some AMAZING shots. Seriously they are the best pictures we've had of her in.....years may be? She wouldn't let go of her baby that she takes everywhere, but I think having her included is kind of sweet.

I think it was the easiest photo session we've had since the kids were born. Of course, we tried to go take our Christmas pictures the next day at the exact same studio and it was a disaster. I will share those later in the month.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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