Thursday, November 14, 2013

When did she become a "preschooler"??

My baby girl is growing up fast. I'm starting to look at preschools for her for next fall. I know that she will love going, but the thought of leaving her that long makes me extremely nervous. She still has some separation anxiety and we've been really working hard to find opportunities to help her practice being in a school type setting. She goes into the toddler room at church every week and has been doing great the past month. Mike takes her in to her room and she doesn't complain at all.

So after kind of a rough week full of tantrums, I decided that we were going to try to have a better day today. I rushed around to get us all ready to go to story time at the library on time. We haven't been in weeks (former librarian mom fail.) In my hurry, I failed to realize that the toddler story time started an hour later than I thought. Instead, we arrived just in time for the preschool story time. This story time is aimed for 3-5 year olds, and my initial thought was to just head home, but since she is so close to 3, I figured we would give it a try.

At first she wasn't sure about it all. The kids were all sitting on mats on the floor and she seemed nervous. She climbed up onto my lap. But after a couple of minutes, she decided to get down and sat on one of the mats. She listened intently to the stories.

While she wouldn't participate in any of the songs, she seemed to enjoy herself. One of the big differences between the toddler and the preschool storytimes is that the preschool one has a craft project at the end. She was really excited to do the craft and has been carrying it around since then.

Showing me her crayon rainbow
Now I just have to make sure we're ready earlier enough in the morning to go every week!

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