Monday, November 18, 2013

Toddler Feeding Trick!

Connor's favorite food is bananas. That shouldn't be a problem right?

But it is. A young toddler eating a banana is gross. Unless I feed it to him, he ends up mashing it everywhere and it gets all over his face and hair. Grace did the same thing and I fed them to her until she was old enough not to make a massive mess. But Connor LOVES feeding himself. He wants to be independent and therefore it always ends up being a huge ordeal to give him his favorite food.

But the other day I remembered a tip I had seen on the internet somewhere. I honestly don't remember where. The tip was to mash up cheerios and roll the banana in it to give it a coating. That way it won't get all mushy when the child picks it up. Simple right?

So I tried it, and guess what? It worked!

He was amazingly clean when it was all gone. I was amazed. Yes, it's a simple trick but I just had to share :) It's the little things in life!


  1. You can also use rice crispies so you don't have to crush cheerios. That's what I use for bananas :)

  2. I think you may have seen this trick on my blog: But then again, I'm sure I'm not the first person to blog about it!

    And I TOTALLY agree with you! Mushy banana is one of the grossest things on the planet!

  3. Lol! Oh my word, I'm sorry Rebecca! That is where I saw it. I will edit and give you credit! It's a great tip.



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