Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Magical Winter: Disney's FROZEN Review

Disclaimer: I received tickets to attend the advanced screening of FROZEN. All opinions are honest, and my own.

Grace is obsessed with Disney princess movies. So when I got the opportunity to attend an advanced screening of the new Disney film FROZEN, I decided to make it a special date night for her and I as her very first movie in a theater. I showed her the preview hoping it would get her excited and sure enough, all she would talk about that day was going to see the "princess ice movie!"

I was a bit concerned when we arrived and were handed 3d glasses. I was worried about her sitting through the entire movie anyway, now she would have to keep glasses on too?

But once the movie started, my worries melted away. She was mesmerized. She kept her glasses on the entire time and when I tried to talk to her, she shushed me and told me to watch the movie. I'm sad I wasn't able to take any pictures of her, but cell phones weren't allowed in the theater.

The verdict? The movie was delightful. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much. The previews didn't impress me and looking back I don't think they did the movie justice at all. I was pleasantly surprised by how funny and heartwarming it was. The animation was gorgeous, especially in 3d.

The movie features an all star cast including Kristen Bell as Anna, Idina Menzel as Elsa, Jonathan Groff as Kristoff, and Josh Gad as Olaf. I won't give away any major plot points, but we quickly got wrapped up in the story of the two sisters. The songs were a nice addition to the movie although I doubt any of them will be lasting hits. The song that Anna sings to Elsa at the beginning of the movie as a child was charming and has been stuck in my head the past couple of days.

I was a huge fun of Elsa's transformation song (of course I could listen to Idina Menzel sing all day!) Her entire transformation scene was amazing and I want to visit her castle. I have no doubt it will be a great ride at Disney soon!

Grace's favorite parts of the movie involved the adorable reindeer Sven and the hilarious snowman Olaf.

She laughed and clapped during their scenes and has been talking about the snowman non stop. Olaf's song was by far the comic highlight of the movie.

Spoiler alert: While I love the older Disney princess movies, I really appreciate the new goal of making princesses strong women instead of damsels in distress. Anna and Elsa don't need men to rescue them. While the movie features a love story, the bond between the two sisters is really the true focus.

I would definitely recommend taking your kids to see Frozen this holiday season. While there is some mild fantasy violence, Grace didn't find it scary at all. I know that we will be adding it to her Disney collection and I have a feeling we might be adding two new princess dresses to her dress up closet as well!

Disclaimer: I received tickets to attend the advanced screening of FROZEN. All opinions are honest, and my own.

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  1. I think it looks adorable! I just wish my little one was old enough to watch it.



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