Thursday, November 7, 2013

Train Party: Connor's 1st Birthday

For Connor's 1st birthday party, a train theme was the obvious choice. He is fascinated by the toy trains at papa's house and he loves anything with wheels. When I looked online for inspiration, most things I found were for Thomas the Train parties. I'm not a huge fan of character parties at this age, I normally try to pick generic or book themes, such as Grace's Very Hungry Caterpillar 1st birthday party. I decided to stick with generic trains so I designed a train in Photoshop and based the party around it. I chose the color scheme blue and red and I love how everything came together!

I designed the invitation in Photoshop based on a couple of invitations I liked on the internet. If you are interested in a customized invitation, email me at and I can customize it for you to print yourself for a small fee.

1st Birthday Train Party

I used card stock and my Cricut to make his birthday banner. I made the engines by hand and now have a post that includes a free printable template for both the engine and the cars

Train Party

I made another engine for a monthly pictures train display.
Train Party

I made train cars out of wipes containers with the lids removed and wrapping paper to hold the food. I lined each container with plastic wrap to create a coal car (black olives,) a hopper car (ranch dip,) a produce car (carrot and celery sticks,) a log car (pretzel rods,) a dairy car (cheese cubes,) and a grain car (crackers.)

For a free printable for the food and drink signs, check out this post.

Train Party
Train Party

I also made Caboose Kabobs (Fruit Kabobs) and Station House Cookies.

Train Party
Train Party

I created cupcake picks (free printables) to stick in cupcakes that I won from a local gourmet cupcake shop.
Train Party

I made the train cake using the Wilton 3D Choo Choo pan set. I had to rush the night before to get it done so it wasn't exactly what I wanted but I think it came out okay. The "smoke" is made of white gumballs.
Wilton Choo Choo Pan

For drinks we had Diesel Fuel (tea) and the Water Tower.
Train Party

Each child received a train conductor hat and a homemade sugar cookie as favors. Just a note, I ordered train conductor hats from Amazon and found that they were really poor quality. I returned them. For a couple of dollars more, I ordered a set from Birthday Express and was really impressed with the quality. They fit the kids well and the fabric seemed very study.  Free printable choo choo tags and thank you tags here!
Train Party

For decorations, we added some model trains borrowed from Papa and set them up high on a ledge away from destructive little hands.
Train Party

We also set up a wooden train set that the toddlers enjoyed playing with and the babies enjoyed destroying.
Train Party

There were a ton of the kids at the party and a great time was had by all. 

I wasn't sure what Connor would think of his cake because he'd never really had sweets before.
Train Party

Sure enough, he had no idea what to do with it. He started fussing and pointing towards a spoon. He seemed to think that he needed the spoon to eat it so we let him try.
It didn't take him long to taste the frosting on the spoon. He figured out pretty quickly that using his hands was the best option.
 By the end he was covered in cake.

He was not happy with me when I took it away.

When it was time for presents, I was pleasantly surprised by his attention span. He especially loved the cards and the books. His favorite gifts were his Little Tikes Basketball Goal and his Fisher Price Crawl Around Car. 
 He felt the need to give the book a kiss.

After a while, he was done sitting still and daddy took over.
I really wanted to get a good shot of him with his hat on, but he had no desire to keep it on. I do love this series of shots though.

I also wanted to get family shots. Yeah, I should know better than to try that with a one year old and a two year old.

Grace was not impressed
And there was so much going on that Connor was pretty distracted.

He had an amazing time and was smiling and laughing almost the entire party. 

I love the way the party turned out and I am so glad that we had such a great turn out of family and friends to help us celebrate our little boy!

Gray Train Shirt: Leo & Lyla
Cupcakes: The Sweet Tooth
Conductor Hats: Birthday Express
Photography: THANK YOU JULIE!!!!
Train Banner Printables

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  1. Connor's 1st train Birthday party looks outstanding. You went so creative with the food as well. Loved the platter styling a lot! For our son’s birthday we have booked one of the Chicago event venues and the best thing is that they will arrange all the custom decorations as well as food on their own.



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