Monday, November 4, 2013

Connor: 1 year old


Oh sweet boy, I cannot believe that I am actually writing this. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was holding you for the very first time and now you are one. This year has been so amazing and I honestly can't remember what life was like before you. You have completed our family sweet boy and I couldn't have asked for a better year. 

You have always looked older than you are because of your hair, but I have to admit that, without my consent, you've grown into a toddler. Your hair, almost black at birth, has lightened up to a brown similar to Grace's. Your eyes are now brown (just about the only thing you've gotten from me!) You look so much like your daddy and some of your facial expressions are exact copies of Grace's. 

Just like your sister, you have no desire to sit still for pictures anymore. So most are fuzzy and blurry because you are constantly on the move.

  • You are a big boy. At your one year appointment, you weighed in at 23 lbs 14.8 oz which puts you in the 65th percentile. You are 30 1/2 inches tall (71st percentile) and your head is 19 inches around (92nd percentile.) Everyone who holds you points out how sturdy and strong you are. You aren't chunky, you are muscular and the guys always like to point out that you are built like a line backer. 

  • You have 7 teeth, 3 on top and 4 on bottom. You LOVE food and we haven't found anything that you don't like. You pretty much eat whatever we're eating and are notorious for stealing Grace's food or cup. 
  • We are still nursing!! I am so happy that we made it to a year with absolutely no formula and I don't really have any intentions of weaning you. With how much you love food, I think you will probably self wean in the next 6 months or so but I'm not in any hurry. 
  • You love to dance and sing with music. If we say "Goal!" you lift your hands above your head. You also have just learned to clap and it's pretty adorable.

  • You took your first steps weeks ago but haven't had too much interest in walking since then. You prefer to crawl because it gets you where you want to go fast. You cruise on furniture a ton and I know that when you start walking, you will probably be running the same day. You went from not crawling to crawling at full speed in about a day. The first time you climbed steps, you crawled up the entire flight of stairs. So I am not in any hurry for you to walk (ie run!) 

  • You are the most persistent little guy ever. Telling you no does not work. Actually it seems to motivate you to just try harder. I thought our house was baby proofed, but you made us take it to an entirely new level. We can't leave the dog's water down (you will play in it,) every door must be shut, especially the bathroom doors or you will play in the toilet. You spend your days crawling between any and all cords you can find and the trash can. I spend my days running you away from all of those things. You will stand at the trash can and laugh as I try to pull you away and crawl right back to it over and over again despite my best efforts to distract you with all of the fun toys we have. 

  • You are a talker. You are saying dada, mama, dog, doc, buuy (Buddy,) hi, car, and cracker. You repeat a ton of sounds and are very interested in learning words. I don't think your pediatrician believed me when I told her all of your words until you very clearly said cracker when she handed you one. Daddy and I swear that we heard you say hi dada a couple of days ago. I think you'll be speaking in full sentences in no time at this rate!
  • You are so social. You love people and can charm anyone with your smile and giggle. It doesn't matter where we go,  you always get people smiling. You love it when people talk and play with you when we are out in public.
  • Your sleep schedule is hit and miss. Most of the time you will sleep from about 7:30 PM-1 AM, wake up to nurse and then go back down again until about 5ish. You will nurse again and go back to sleep until about 6:30 AM. I am trying to cut out that 1 AM feeding and so far it's going well. 
  • You are starting to go through a bit of separation anxiety, which I am told is normal at this age. You will happily stay with daddy or your grandparents, just not with anybody you don't know. 
  • You still love your sister so much. You two are really starting to play together now and it's so much fun to watch you crawl around the house and laugh and giggle with each other. We're still working on sharing toys and not being too rough with each other, but overall you are great little friends. You have this horribly nasty habit of blowing raspberries at each other in the car. I think it's gross, you both think it's hilarious.
Fuzzy but too cute not to share
  • Your favorite toys are your Melissa & Doug pounding bench, your Fischer Price crawl around car and the play kitchen. You love "cooking" with the kitchen and you think a mixing bowl and spatulas are extremely entertaining toys. 
  • You are starting to have a few toddler type tantrums. When you don't get what you want, you throw yourself on the ground and cry. Thankfully, you break out of it pretty quickly, you cry for a few seconds and then move onto getting into something else you're not supposed to. 
You lay on the ground when you get frustrated
Mad because I told you that you couldn't eat the laptop cable

  • You love books but have a hard time sitting still for all of one. 
  • You are a cuddler and love giving hugs and big open mouth kisses. I think your favorite time of the day is when daddy gets home. You crawl to him as fast as you can and give him a giant hug. You are a huge daddy's boy. 

You are such a sweet, loving boy. Your smile is infectious and your giggle makes everyone smile. You have grown so fast and I know that you want to be a big kid, but please stay little for just a while longer. I will never get sick of holding you while you fall asleep on me. I will always cherish your big sloppy kisses. 

We love you so much sweet boy. Happy Birthday!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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