Thursday, October 31, 2013

So that was anticlimactic

I'm 30 years old today. Fun fact about my family, my birthday is on Halloween and my brother's is on Valentine's Day.

Turning 30 seems like it should be a big deal, but it's been pretty anticlimactic. I've done laundry and dishes today and we are taking the kids trick or treating tonight. It should be a fun day, nothing too crazy :)

I'm honestly thrilled with how my 20s turned out. I accomplished so many things that I wanted to before I turned 30. I am going to brag a little bit.

  • I lived overseas and spent a year studying at Oxford. 
  • I traveled to Paris, Edinburgh, London, Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples, Hawaii, and Mexico.
  • I earned my BA in History.
  • I married an amazing man.
  • I earned my Masters in Library Science.
  • We bought our first home.
  • We had two wonderful adorable children.
  • I became a stay at home mom, my dream job.
My life is not perfect and we definitely have had some bumps along the way such as my health problems, but overall I'm pretty happy with everything. So I'm not mourning the passing of my 20s at all. I'm excited to see what the next decade brings!

Me as a baby

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