Friday, October 4, 2013

Connor: 11 Months Old


I am in denial baby boy. This post is 5 days late because I just don't want to admit to myself that you really are 11 months old. How did that happen?? In just a short month, you will be one and you will be a toddler. I can't believe it, you will forever be my baby!

You are the sweetest, happiest little guy ever. You make everyone smile and rarely fuss.

Getting you to sit still for pictures is difficult to say the least. You are constantly on the move and just laugh when I try to get you to stop.
  • You are climbing, crawling at high speeds, cruising all over the place, and standing on your own for short periods of time. You will be walking any time now I'm sure. 
  • You still like your pacifier and can now get it in your own mouth. I don't know how much longer we're going to let you use it. 
  • You love books, straws (yes, straws that you can chew on,) and anything and everything with wheels. You are an expert at finding cars.
See what I mean? This boy is obsessed with anything with wheels!
  • You are a boy through and through. You love wrestling with sister, getting her in trouble, and making anything into a hammer or sword. If you can hit something or someone with a toy, you are happy.
Making a leg of sister's doll pack n' play into a sword
  • You love food. Any and all food. I don't think we've tried anything that you haven't liked. Your favorite things are sweet potatoes and cheerios. You LOVE sippy cups and hunt down Grace's sippy of milk like it's your job. If I don't get to you first, you happily drink her milk as fast as you can. You can eat purees out of a pouch by yourself and you like sitting at the dinner table eating with all of us.
  • You have 6 teeth with two more working their way through.
  • You now weigh 23 lbs and you're wearing 18 month clothes. I don't think it will be long before you are in 24 month stuff.
  • You are very talkative and are saying dada, mama, no, ow, and uh oh consistently. We're pretty sure we've heard you say dog, car, and truck as well. 
  • You crawl to Daddy as soon as he gets home and you follow Grace around constantly. You two are playing very well together now and often keep each other entertained while Mommy gets stuff done.
  • You are still nursing and I don't plan to wean you anytime soon. 
You are so much fun to have around and I cannot believe that your birthday is approaching so quickly. Last year at this time I was so excited to meet you and now I can't imagine life without you. 

We love you sweet boy,

Mommy and Daddy

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