Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A night of fun: Lees Summit Oktoberfest

After an extremely stressful week (more about that soon,) Mike and I decided to take the kids to a local fall festival this past Friday night. We've been to the Lees Summit Oktoberfest celebration before, but it was so much more fun having kids to share it with!

I knew there were going to be pony rides, so I told Grace on the way there that she would get to see horses (one of her favorite animals.) She was sold on that idea and was excited when the ponies were the first things we saw. After seeing that the rides were only $5 and that there was no age limit, we decided to let her try it. She was so excited! Mike walked next to her just in case she started to fall, but she certainly didn't need it. She sat perfectly still and loved every second of it.

She has talked about it non stop every since. All I've heard is "Grace round and round horse!" I took a short video and she would watch it non stop if I let her.

We walked around for a bit and hit up some of the booths on Kids Street. One of the booths had a live snake. Unlike her mother, she loves scary animals, so she got up really close and thought it was amazing.

One of the local preschools had a great sensory table set up with popcorn kernels. So much fun!

A large part of downtown was filled with crafts vendors and I found this garland and had to buy it for her:

She loves princesses and she kept saying "Grace princess!"

Our last stop of the night was the fire station right in the middle of the festival. They opened up their doors and let the kids climb in the fire trucks. I wasn't sure how Grace would react to the huge trucks, but she was in heaven. She was mad that daddy made her stop to take this picture.

She climbed in to the driver's seat and told Mike to shut the door. She was ready to drive off! Let's just say that getting her down and leaving the fire station led to a huge tantrum.

Connor enjoyed the fire trucks too.
My arm looks weirdly massive here but he looks so cute in the fire hat that I had to share.
I can't wait to take the kids back again next year!

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