Thursday, October 17, 2013

A New Holiday Tradition: Halloween JELL-O JIGGLERS Hands

Halloween is two weeks from today! My family didn't celebrate Halloween growing up, so I've been enjoying creating new Halloween traditions with our family. To help get Grace excited for the day, I've been doing Halloween related crafts and activities with her.

Today she was being really good. So as a treat, she and I made JELL-O JIGGLERS! I have fond memories of JIGGLERS from my childhood.  I remember making them with my mom and loving cutting out shapes using cookie cutters. It was so fun to shake them to watch them jiggle! Plus, I remember them being delicious so I was excited to let Grace try them for the very first time.

We decided to make Halloween JELL-O JIGGLERS Hands

With a toddler attention span, I didn't want to try anything too complicated yet, and this recipe was perfect. We combined 3 packs of Grape JELL-O and one pack of Orange JELL-O. 

After following the recipe and chilling the JELL-O, I traced Grace's hands onto a piece of card stock and cut them out. I then used them as a pattern on top of the gelatin to cut around.

After removing the hand JIGGLERS from the pain, I let her use Halloween cookie cutters to cut out some more fun shapes.

After we were done, we sat down to admire our handy work and she was excited to show me "Grace's hands!" The hands weren't perfect, but she was so proud of them!

Of course, the best part was sitting with her and eating the JIGGLERS! As soon as she tasted one, she told me it was yummy. She ate the entire cat JIGGLER by herself. I hope that someday she will remember making JIGGLERS with me like I remember making them with my mom.

The JELL-O JIGGLERS were a huge hit in our house. They make a great Halloween treat and I think we will be making some as snacks for family and friends soon. I hope that making JELL-O JIGGLERS will become a holiday tradition in our house, I'm already searching through Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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