Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jekyll & Hyde: the split personality of my 2 year old

I swear Grace is like two different people. I feel like I'm raising Jekyll & Hyde (without the nasty murder stuff!) I never know in the morning if I'm going to get my sweet, happy, fun loving girl or if she will be the tantrum throwing, hitting, kicking, and screaming toddler.

Yesterday was awful. I am not exaggerating when I say that she threw tantrums for probably about three quarters of the day. She had more time outs than I can count and I am not proud to say that I lost my temper and had to walk away to calm myself down more than once. She was pushing every button I had and was focused on inflicting as much pain on Connor as possible. I cannot remember the last time I was so happy to see Mike walk in the door.

I woke up today expecting another awful day. But to my surprise, we've had the best day we've had in a long time. She played happily with Connor all morning and was pleasant during our trip to Walmart. She didn't whine when she saw the toys and when I told her to do something, she did it with no complaining. We went to the park as a reward for her great behavior and she played with some of the other kids and had a great time.

And when she was ready to go, she simply asked to go home (normally leaving the park is like World War III!)

The rest of the day has been just as ideal. During Connor's nap, she played independently (which she never does) while I was able to clean, vacuum, do dishes, and put away laundry. Then we snuggled in her room, looking at the stars from her Cloud B Turtle.

She hasn't had a single time out today and is now playing in the playroom while I write this. These are the kind of days that I imagined when I dreamed about being a stay at home mom!

I wish every day were as great as this one! I wonder which personality she will have tomorrow......

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