Tuesday, September 17, 2013

2 going on 16

The more verbal Grace becomes, the more I realize that we have a little diva on our hands. Seriously, some of the things that come out of her mouth sound like the words of a teenager. For example, several nights ago after nursing Connor I was closing his door and I heard her start to say "No, No." I went into her room thinking she might be having a bad dream. As soon as I started trying to comfort her she said "No mama, go away. Grace night night." This from my child who hates sleep.  She normally BEGS me to sit with her while she falls asleep. So I had to stop myself from cracking up when I heard her say "go away!" Since then she has said it several more times. Connor and I went in to her room yesterday to find her reading books. "No, mama, Connor, go away."

She also has quite the fashion sense for a 2 year old. She picks her own outfits and I swear the child walks in heels better than I do. I frequently find her in my closet picking out shoes and she walks all around the house in my heels with ease.
She loves her dress up shoes
Walking in my shoes
Finally, she is a master of technology. She works the iPad with no trouble and manages to make it do things that I still can't figure out. She knows how to put a DVD into the player and would probably have the remote figured out if I let her.

My baby girl is growing up too fast!

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