Monday, August 5, 2013

I need a vacation!

I have great intentions! Great intentions to sit and write tons of posts about all of the things going on in our lives, but honestly life is going 100 mph right now and I barely feel like I'm keeping up! Having two kids is hard, but having two mobile kids? Even harder! We had our house baby proofed with Grace, but she was nothing compared to Connor. This kid is like an accident waiting to happen and I spend my days running around chasing him and dealing with Grace's ever growing 2 year old attitude.

Don't get me wrong, they are adorable and I love them more than life, but days like today make me want to crawl into a hole. I'm only partly kidding. So far today, Connor has attempted to kill himself by almost throwing himself over the side of the bathtub while I was trying to use the restroom, yeah I'm not going to go into details but it wasn't a pleasant experience. Grace then tried to kill him by handing him one of the glass beads I was letting her use in a sensory activity. Of course he tried to put it straight into his mouth. Thankfully I was sitting right there watching their every move so I caught it before it turned into a choking disaster. This is all on top of the second morning in a row of them waking each other up constantly at about 4:30 AM and short 30 minute naps for both of them. After said short nap, they both spent the next hour screaming at me because they each wanted mommy alone time.

They are both now playing somewhat peacefully in the playroom while I sit and attempt to have a few minutes to myself. But I can't take my eyes off of them for a second because Grace is in a very violent stage towards him and I constantly see her pushing or hitting him. He's not totally innocent as he follows her around like a puppy and tries to pull her hair and grab her feet as much as he can. Oh the joys of children.

It's not all bad, I promise. Most days are good. Even today has had some good moments. Grace found some of her dress up clothes that I had been saving for Christmas (must find a better hiding spot) and insisted on wearing the Snow White dress all day.

She even wore it to the grocery store and got many comments on how cute she was. And as I'm writing this Grace is sitting next to Connor reading him one of their favorite books.

But this mommy needs a vacation! Anyone want to pay for some plane tickets and a hotel? I'll be waiting for your call! :)

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