Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Toddler Activities: Contact Paper Collage

I think Tuesdays are going to be my day to share some of the recent activities we've been doing to help keep Grace busy. I notice such a difference in her attitude when I take the time to do some sort of activity or craft with her. However, it is really hard to find activities that are age appropriate. Most things I find on Pinterest are aimed at kids that are older. So I try to modify the activities or come up with my own stuff to try to keep her attention with varying degrees of success.

Doing these activities is as much a learning experience for me as it is for her. I was always a rule follower. I colored inside the lines and did all of my projects step by step exactly like the instructions. So sometimes I have a hard time just letting her play and explore when we do activities. I get so focused on the end result, a pretty picture or a completed science experiment, that I forget the real purpose of the activity, fun! If she's not having fun, she loses interest fast. So I've really had to remind myself that it's ok if her picture doesn't turn out perfectly! The project that I'm sharing this week really tested me on this and I'm happy to say that we had a great time.

Overall crafts are not a huge hit with Grace. We normally stick with sensory activities or science experiments because they hold her attention better, but I got brave a couple of weeks ago and pulled out the contact paper that I recently ordered from Amazon. I taped the dry side to the window. I have a huge supply of tissue paper left over from multiple baby showers and birthdays so I pulled out some fun colors. I tore small squares of various colors and showed her how to put them on the sticky contact paper. She thought it was great and did that for a while.

Then she wanted to help rip the paper. She also thought it was funny to stick the tissue paper on my nose. 
We crunched and ripped the tissue paper for a while until she discovered that it was fun to throw the small squares of paper in the air and watch them fall.

See what I mean about her testing my rule following instincts? Well, I let her do it and we had fun seeing how fast the paper could fall. We then put all of our squares onto the contact paper.

 This was our completed picture:

It was a great way to work on her colors. We even took a break for a couple of minutes when she spotted a deer in our yard. Doing this project has motivated me to try some other craft projects with her. I think we will use the contact paper to make a nature collage with leaves sometime this week.

What is your favorite craft project that you have done with your kids?

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