Saturday, June 29, 2013

Connor: 8 months old


I wish I could figure out how to express how much of a character you are my dear boy. You are about the happiest baby ever and even on your wost days, you love to make people laugh. You are extremely expressive for an 8 month old and you love to cuddle, especially with Mommy. You give huge kisses to anyone who's holding you and you haven't met a stranger. You make life fun and it's so exciting to watch you learn new things!

  • You are moving all over the place now, but not in the way we expected. You still aren't crawling. I've been saying for months that you would be crawling any day, but it still hasn't happened. You easily get down on all 4s and rock back and forth, but you haven't figured out how to go forward yet. You get frustrated and just sit yourself back up. If you want something, you use a combination of rolling and sitting up to get what you want. 

  • I'm thinking now that you are going to just skip crawling and start walking soon. You are pulling up on everything and when we hold your hands, you are starting to move your feet. It's too early for that baby boy!
  • You will sleep anywhere. The stroller, the Ergo, sitting forward on some one's lap. If you are tired enough, you just fall asleep. You can sleep with your head over your legs which is pretty funny because your daddy sleeps the exact same way.
You slept through an entire trip to the zoo!
  •  Sleeping during the day is going great. You take an 1-2 hour nap in the morning and a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. At night however, it's been more of a struggle. For about 2 weeks, you've had multiple teeth coming in and it's thrown a huge wrench into your sleeping patterns. You were up every hour or two for weeks. But last night, you miraculously slept all night so I'm hoping we're out of the no sleeping phase!
  • You have 4 teeth in and I think you are working on 4 more.
  • You are massive. You are in 18 month clothes and on the largest setting of your cloth diapers. I haven't gotten a weight on you this month but you don't feel like you weigh much less than Grace! You are tall as well and very muscular.
  • Your hair grows so fast. You get some crazy bedhead and you need yet another haircut!
  • You got to get into the pool for the first time this month and you loved it! You love the water and happily kick and splash the entire time you are in the pool or in the tub. You love taking baths with Grace and think it's hilarious when she splashes you. You're learning how to splash her back which right now is cute but I'm sure will cause trouble in the future!
  • Your favorite toys are the tool bench and anything with wheels. You are obsessed with cars already. I didn't think the obsession hit this early with boys, but you always manage to find anything with wheels. Grace's doll stroller, her cars, her wooden bus. You love all of them and will happily play with the wheels for long periods of time. You also recently discovered trains at Grandma and Papa's house and you adore them! You would watch a train go round and round for hours if you could. It's so funny to watch your face light up each and every time it comes close to you!

Grace's carriage has fun wheels!

  • Grace has decided that you're pretty fun to play with now and I often will find the two of you playing with toys or reading books together. Most of the time you play nicely, but occasionally you like to torment her by pulling her hair or climbing on her. 

    •  You are extremely talkative and I have to admit that I think you said your first word this month. You've been babbling dada for a while now but for the past week or so, when Daddy comes in to the room you get all excited and yell "Dada!" It's adorable. You babble constantly!
    You are at such a fun age sweet boy. You learn new things every day and you are so aware of everything going on around you. Mommy loves your sweet cuddles and kisses and you already love to play rough with Daddy and Sister! We love you baby boy! Don't grow up too fast!


    Mommy and Daddy

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