Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Toddler Chores

I remember reading an article when Grace was a baby about kids and chores. The writer recommended starting chores at a young age to teach kids a sense of responsibility. I didn't pay too much attention and thought "it will be forever before I need to think about giving her chores!" But over the past month or so, Grace has started taking on little chores around the house that we affectionately call her "jobs." There is no punishment for not doing them at this point, but she has a great time helping out and she loves feeling like she's responsible for things.

And before you freak out, she never does her bubble mower around the real mower. She only plays with it on the driveway!

She is 28 months. Here is a current list of her jobs:

At home
1. She throws her diaper in the diaper champ and puts her clothes in the hamper.
2. Each morning and afternoon, she helps let the dogs outside and opens and shuts the door to let them inside. If they don't come, she calls them: "Doc, Buddy inshide (inside!) C'm hee (come here!)" while signaling them with her hand.
3. Every morning and night when Mike feeds the dogs, she brings him Buddy's bowl to fill up and then tells the dogs to sit. Mike has a hand signal and says ok to tell the dogs to eat and she does it with him everytime. 
4. She puts the silverware away for me while I'm doing the dishes.
5. She gets her own spoon and fork for dinner and puts them on the table. 
6. When I am putting laundry away, she drags the empty hamper back to our closet .
7. Any time we are getting ready to leave the house, she puts the dogs in their "room" and she gets to shut their door. When we get home, she gets to let them out.

In the car
1. She helps snap herself in. She can almost do the chest clip by herself.
2. When I am taking both of them out by myself, I open the door on Connor's side and she climbs under his seat over to hers and climbs in while I get him buckled in.

At Grandma's house
1. She helps sweep up leaves. She even has her own little broom!
Wearing Papa's gloves
Writing it all out, it seems like a lot but she loves doing each and every one of her jobs. We'll keep adding age appropriate things and hopefully she'll keep enjoying it. Hey, I can always dream!

I just have to share these pictures of her because she's growing up so fast.
This is her favorite shirt. She would wear it every day if I let her!

Do your toddlers have jobs? When did your kids start doing chores?

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  1. Aww, that's so sweet. It is amazing how when they are young children enjoy helping with household chores.

    My 5 year old feeds our dog, puts away silverware (after I put the knives away), sets the table, and helps fold her clothes. She wants to help more with her baby sister, like pick her up and carry her, but she isn't big enough for that. Although she already groans when I ask her to pick up her toys.



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