Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Reading Program!

Two years ago, I posted a picture of Grace's first Summer Reading Program reward from the library and today I am excited to share the same picture of Connor!

We visited the library this morning because we finished reading the 24 books required to receive the kid's first rewards. Grace picked out a Toy Story book and then "helped" Connor choose a board book about dinosaurs. I think he likes it!
Connor, June 2013
Grace, June 2011. I still don't think they look very much alike. She was about 5 and a half months old here.
I tried to get Grace to take a picture with him or to even take a picture by herself but she wanted nothing to do with me. This is what she wanted to do instead:
 I guess I can't complain!

Connor wanted to read his book too:

But in true brotherly fashion he decided that it would be more fun to torment his sister.

He grabbed her hair. She shouted "Hey!!!" Then he laughed. You wouldn't think this would be happening so early but it happens a lot!

As a librarian, I know how important is is to read to your kids every day and it is one of our favorite activities. Even just reading a couple of books before bed is so good for them. We have already started working on our next set of books for their next rewards. Make sure to check out your local library, most have some sort of summer reading program for kids!

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