Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Silence is not golden when you have a toddler!

If you have a toddler, you know that silence isn't golden. Silence means that they are probably doing something to get into trouble. I shared with you last month about how Grace drew on her closet doors. Well she's found some new ways to get into trouble lately.

Last Friday morning, I realized that I hadn't heard her in a while and I got worried. I found her in our bedroom with a dry erase marker. I still have no clue where she found it, but this was her artistic masterpiece:

It was all over both the front and back of her legs and her face. Thankfully she decided to keep it all on her body and it washed off easily. I'm so happy it wasn't Sharpie!

Later that day I found her in the guest bathroom. She had pulled every last bit of paper off of a full toilet paper roll and was shredding it into the bathtub.

This morning I found her in her bathroom filling her potty chart with stickers. She had gotten her step stool to reach the chart and stickers and showed me proudly how the whole chart was now full. It was really hard not to laugh at her for that one.

The other night we found pen marks on our sheets and wall. We have absolutely no idea when she even did that!

It would seem like it wouldn't be that hard to keep her from doing this stuff but she always manages to sneak away when I'm occupied with Connor during a nursing session or diaper change.

I've learned to be nervous anytime I don't hear her for more than a minute or two.....

Does your toddler get into things they shouldn't when your occupied? Please share your stories, I know I'm not the only one this happens to!


  1. My 5 year old has been like that since she was barely 2 and is still going strong! My "favorite" story happened last year...on my birthday. First, she dumped 64 ounces of bubble solution on my mattress and then, while I was cleaning that up, she tried to flush an entire roll of unwound toilet paper down the toilet which flooded the bathroom. Worst birthday ever.

    1. Oh my word! That just made me cringe! You deserve a birthday redo!

  2. Silence is definitely a warning. Then you will find that when the little ones are not around (at grandma's, school, etc)the silence puts you on edge, just waiting for something to be wrong... Hence why I always have music on.

    Country Bunkin Mama

  3. My two year old son is exactly like this. My older daughter must have spoiled me, I was just not prepared for the orneriness! Sometimes though, the silence is ok. He on occasion falls asleep in his Mickey chair in his room. Not in his bed mind you (whole other rant!). But my little guy also likes to climb and scale things. He has found a way to get up places, where we have specifically taken away chairs, furniture, etc. Good luck all!!



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