Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Potty Training + Drammy Droopers Cloth Pull-Up Review

If you didn't get it from the title of this post, it's about potty training. So if you don't want to read about pee and poop, I advise you skip this post! 

About a month ago, I drafted a post about how I was pretty sure Grace that wasn't ready for potty training yet. I talked about my plans to start this summer. The day after I wrote it, she peed in the potty. That's what I get for making plans, right? So we made a trip to Target to get stuff for a reward sticker chart and a reward basket. We got some fun stuff in the $1 section and we made a pretty sticker chart when we got home. I started to ask her every hour or so if she needed to go potty. If she said yes, we would go, if not I wouldn't push it. For a couple of weeks she would pee on the potty once or twice a day and we made a huge deal out of it every time. She even got her first reward prize for completeing a row of her sticker chart, she picked a plastic dinosaur!

However, after a couple of weeks, the potty and stickers lost their novelty and she said no every time I asked if she needed to go. She wasn't asking to go at all and didn't care when she was wet or poopy. So we are sort of at a stand still on potty training. With her stubbornness, I know better than to push it too hard. If I try to force her, she will rebel and it will not go well. So we are going to wait another month or so and then try again. I might try a different reward system this time, I haven't decided yet. I honestly don't think she's ready yet as she's not really aware of when she's going. I have heard amazing things about just letting them run around naked and asking them to sit on the potty every 15 minutes or so, but with Connor, that method just isn't realistic for us. We will try again when she seems to be more ready!

Drammy Droopers generously sent me a pair of Training Pull-Ups to use with potty training. They are washable pull ups with a wool soaker sewn in to help contain accidents. It is not as thick as a diaper and will make the child feel wet after an accident. The outside is a soft, pretty flannel. Grace calls them "big girl panties!" She enjoyed wearing them but like I said, I don't think she's quite ready for potty training yet. I know we will be using these a ton when we start potty training again. I am not brave enough to put her in normal panties at first and disposable pull-ups are extremely pricey.

The sewn in wool soaker
 I love how high quality all of the Drammy Droopers products are. Each one is hand made in the USA from a smoke free home. You will not regret buying a diaper or pull up from Drammy Droopers!

Check out the Drammy Droopers Facebok page and Etsy shop to get great baby products!

I was not compensated for this post. I received the item(s) free of charge for reviewing purposes. All opinions are honest, and my own.  

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  1. These look great. I have been shopping for good reusable training undies! Thank you.



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