Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Grace Update

Grace isn't much of a talker. We aren't really concerned because her comprehension level is great. She understands everything we say and is right on track in all of her other milestones. She has a large vocabulary but generally sticks to only using 1 or 2 words to tell us what she wants. We really are encouraging her to put words together but I know she'll do it on her own time.

She is probably the world's most stubborn toddler, but she has her adorable moments that make us laugh and I wanted to share a few for today's Toddle Along Tuesday.

  • She is obsessed with animals. Any and all animals. She can make the sounds of more animals than I can count and many times a day she runs to the laptop and shouts "BEARS!" because she wants me to turn on the Zoo Polar Bear webcam.
  • She says "sit" but adds an extra h. I always worry she's going to tell someone to sit at church!
  • She is a bossy little thing. When grandma and papa were here recently, she didn't want grandma to hold Connor at all. The moment grandma would try to hold Connor, Grace would touch Connor's leg and start saying "papa" or "mama." That was her indication that we needed to take Connor so that grandma's hands were free. 
  • She is a shopper! She picks out clothes when we take her shopping and knows exactly what she wants. She has told me no to several of my choices for her. We went to Kohls the other day with grandma and while grandma was on the phone, Grace pushed the cart all the way back to the toy section and grabbed a Disney Princess baby doll and put it in the seat section of the cart. She then turned the cart around and started to head to the checkout. When grandma turned the cart around because we weren't done shopping, Grace took over the cart again, pushed it back to the toy aisle again and started to load up the cart with all of the baby dolls. She wasn't happy when we put them all back!
  • She loves her brother. I'll often find her hugging, cuddling, and petting him. She begged me to put him in the bath with her last night (I obliged) and she brings him toys and his pacifiers. She loves to help him bounce in their bouncy toy and she also enjoys picking out his outfit for the day.
  • She loves reading her books but especially loves to use them to delay bedtime. She makes daddy read at least 10 books while I get Connor to sleep and then she and I read another 1 or 2 in her room. Even after all that she begs for more. "Daddy, book? Please?"

  • She sleeps with something like 15-20 stuffed animals and babies. If any are missing we have to find them before she will sleep.
  • She organizes and sorts everyhing she can find. Books, cans, paper, anything. I often find her little people lined up in rows.

  • When she sees Thomas the Train or any train for that matter, she makes the horn motion and says "choo choo!" It's about the cutest thing ever. 
  • She has said "I love you" only twice. Once to get out of trouble when she made a huge mess playing with maple syrup while I was nursing Connor and the second time was that evening when Mike told me she didn't actually say it and I was making it up. She said it to prove him wrong and has never said it again.
 She is a little spitfire. Full of personality and energy. We know that she will be trying to boss everyone around here soon!

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  1. Those are some adorable moments! My older daughter also gets jealous when my 8 month old gets attention from grandparents and other extended family.



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