Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Connor: 7 Months Old


You are growing too fast baby boy. You certainly don't look like a baby anymore and you are anxious to get moving. You still look much older than 7 months because of your hair. Speaking of your hair, it grows at amazing speeds and you are due for yet another haircut. I think this will be your 4th? May be your 5th? I don't remember. You look exactly like your daddy and pretty much act like him too.

  • I'm don't know your official weight or height but I do know that you weigh somewhere around 20 lbs. Your sister weighs 30 lbs. You are going to outgrow her in no time! 
  • Your eyes are blue....for now. I think I see hints of brown in them which would be about the only thing you got from me! 
  • You are very muscular for your age and when you want something, it is difficult to hold on to you. 
  • Your are rolling everywhere and are now rocking back and forth on all fours. You are probably days away from crawling and you will be thrilled when you can chase after your sister and take back all the toys she tries to take away from you. I do not think she will be thrilled at all!
  • You are such a happy little guy. You laugh and smile at everyone and let anyone who wants to hold you. You are an extremely social kid and get bored easily when left to your own devices.You love to make people laugh and I think you are going to love telling jokes. One of your favorite games is to go back and forth laughing with someone.
  • You are starting to love playing "rough" with daddy. You like it when he gently throws you in the air.
  • You love it when mommy sings songs and get the biggest smile when I start to sing Old McDonald. 
  • You love books and try to eat them and turn the pages.
  • You are sleeping so much better now and often go to sleep without fussing. You sleep on your belly quite happily. 
A rare moment sleeping on mommy. You prefer to nap in your crib now.
  • You love your pacifier. After barely taking it for months, it is your new best friend due to teething. You sleep with it in and it has really helped comfort you when mommy needs to leave you with grandparents or in the nursery at church.
I can't tell if you like sister hugging you in this picture or not! As I remember, you thought it was pretty funny.
  • You have two bottom teeth and I think you are starting to work on the top ones. You like to bite mommy when you are nursing and mommy has yet to figure out how to get you to stop. It's painful.
  • You love bath time and love it even more now that you get to take baths with Grace. You splash, play and laugh together and it's pretty adorable. She begs me to put you in there with her. I'm sure you will both hate me for writing that later on.
  • You started on solid foods this month and you love it. Your favorite foods are sweet potatoes and bananas. Your least favorite are carrots and peas. Mommy makes your baby food and will probably try apple and squash next.
  • Your favorite toys are your tool bench and the activity cube.
  • You are wearing 12 month clothes but I've noticed that they are now getting tight. I'm going to have to start getting 18 month stuff soon I think.

Daddy asked me what we are doing for your 1st birthday theme last night and I can't believe that it's even time to think about that yet! You are such an easy going guy and life with you is so much fun.

We love you sweet boy,

Mommy and Daddy

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