Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Connor: 6 Months Old


My little monkey, I can't believe you're half a year old already. You look so much older than you actually are, with your head full of hair, but I feel like you were born yesterday. You are a sweet, funny little guy and I have to say that you are quite the charmer. You haven't met a woman that you can't charm yet. You smile and giggle until you are the center of attention and no one can resist smiling at you. You still babble a ton and express your frustration by giving a loud grunt. You rarely cry or scream, instead you choose to pout and whine until you get what you want (normally mommy!) You are such a mommy's boy and honestly, I don't mind!

  • You are a big boy! You weigh 19 lbs 13 oz, putting you in the 90th percentile for your age. You are 28 in tall, putting you the 90th percentile. Your head is 17 1/2 in, which is the 75th percentile. You don't weigh that much less than your sister now. Good thing we bought your big boy car seat! You are in size 4 disposable diapers at night. It is now official that you and Grace can wear the same size of diaper. You are wearing mostly 12 month clothes. 
  • Your first two teeth popped through this month! The first popped yesterday and the second one popped today! It's been a rough few weeks with teething and sleep, but you have been in a fairly good mood considering how painful I'm sure it is. You have been sucking on your pacifier a ton more with the teeth working their way through.
  • You won't take a bottle at all now, making it pretty impossible for mommy to leave you for any length of time. You will be starting solids this week, so hopefully that will help.
  • You are rolling both ways easily and pushing up on your arms. You are trying to get your knees to coordinate but you haven't gotten the crawling motion figured out yet. I think you will be crawling soon. You sit up by yourself with no problems now. You don't need any support and rarely topple. 
  • Your favorite toys are your jumperoo, your tool bench, your Sophie Giraffe, and your soft Hungry Caterpillar book. You love anything you can chew on so teethers and soft toys are very popular. You generally like to try to get anything that sister has to try to get a reaction out of her. 
  • You laugh when Grace cries, I don't get it. Sign of what's to come I guess? 
  • You pretty much adore everyone. Toys are great, but you would much rather be interacting with people. You are so social and love going to Grace's music class and storytime. 
  • You love blowing raspberries. You are constantly doing it and getting spit everywhere. You think it's hilarious! 
The raspberry face
  • Sleep has been hit and miss this month due to teething. You seem to be back to your normal schedule of about 10 PM to 5:30 AM and I am very happy with that! Your naps have been getting shorter during the day and I haven't been able to get them on a great schedule. 
  • Every month, you interact with Grace more and more and you two have a very special bond. It's so sweet to watch you play together and I know that you're going to be crawling after her anytime now. 
  • You need another haircut. At six months you have had three haircuts already. 
  • You love giving kisses, bouncing on people's laps, and using people's fingers to pull up to a standing position.
You are just the sweetest little boy ever. You love to laugh and make people laugh.  You are growing so fast, I really wish time would just slow down! Thanks for making every day so much fun baby boy!


Mommy and Daddy

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