Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Welcome Spring!

I am currrently out on our deck typing with Connor in the exercauser and Grace playing in her cozy coupe. Our backyard faces a lovely set of woods and it is a pretty common occurance for us to see deer and turkey just feet away from our deck:

It's so peaceful! I am thrilled that spring has finally arrived and my kids are too.

We went to the park last Friday so that Grace could play with her little friend Lincoln. Last year, we only made it to the park a few times because I was so sick from being pregnant, but obviously this year we're going to have to go more often. Last year, she was hesitant and shy about climbing on the equipment and quickly got overwhelmed when older kids got close. This year, she looked like a pro and was climbing everywhere!

She figured out how to climb up to the tallest twisty slide and went down it about 10 different times. She had so much fun.

She and Lincoln had a great time running around, climbing, and trying to play with the big kids. They kept grabbing each others hands, it was pretty adorable. But in this picture, it looks like Grace just wants Lincoln to leave her alone :)

I wore Connor in the Ergo at the park and he intently watched the big kids play the entire time. When we got home, he crashed!

We played on the deck over the weekend and obviously Grace was thrilled with all of the outside time!

 So was Connor!

I'm pretty sure we'll be spending most of our spring and summer outside!

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