Monday, April 15, 2013

Must Read Monday: Grace's Favorite Books

It's been a long time since I've done a Must Read Monday post and I'm thinking about bringing it back! We spend a lot of time reading in our house and we have a ton of books. I try to limit buying her toys, but I can't resist buying books! Here are some of her favorites:

1. Good Night, Gorilla- This is by far her favorite book. She would read it about a million times a day and she knows it by heart. There aren't many words so we talk about the pictures and identify each animal.

2. Biscuit's First Trip- We got this book as a prize for the Summer Reading Program at the library last year and she has really attached to it lately. It's a cute little book and I think she loves the dog in it.

3. I Stink!- This is one of my least favorites but she adores it. Several of the pages include words like "boom" and "beep beep" which she thinks are pretty funny. She's memorized those pages and says them before I even say anything. I don't like it because it's gross. It's about a garbage truck and what it "eats." So glad she didn't discover it while I was pregnant and nauseous all of the time. Overall a good book for this age but not great if you are easily grossed out!

4. Dear Zoo- I bought this for her for her birthday last year and it is still a favorite. It's a lift the flap book about different animals from the zoo and she loves "finding" each animal and identifying them and their sounds.

5. Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear? sound book- She recently discovered this one in her bookshelf downstairs and I often find her flipping through it by herself. She loves that she can push the button for the sounds of each corresponding animal. You can't go wrong with an Eric Carle book!

6. Four Little Puppies /Three Little Kittens- These books are pretty adorable with cut outs of the dogs and cats complete with googly eyes and soft ears. The rhymes are short and sweet and she enjoys turning the pages.

7. Barnyard Dance!- Can I just say how much I love Sandra Boynton? Any of her books are sure to be a hit in our house. This is probably Grace's favorite because of all of the animals. She bows and turns when the animals do. She also loves Boynton's Doggies book.

8. Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!- This book is funny and the illustrations are a nice change from normal children's books!

9. Where's Spot?- Do you see a trend running through a lot of these books? Grace loves animals so much, especially dogs. This is a great lift the flap book.

10. Pride & Prejudice: A BabyLit Counting Primer- I love these BabyLit books and Grace is really starting to enjoy them too! It's a fun book to help her work on her numbers. Plus the illustrations are really pretty.

11. Baby's First Library Numbers- We spend a ton of time each day counting all of the animals and items in this book. Grace loves identifying everything and while the math in it is too complex for her, it's a book that can grow with her.

What is your child's favorite book? 
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