Monday, April 22, 2013

Moments That Make My Heart Melt

I was reading old posts this morning and came across this one that I wrote shortly before Connor was born about how worried I was about Grace's life changing. I was worried that she would resent me and that she wouldn't like having Connor around. I am happy to say that she has adapted very well and most of the time she absolutely loves him. Over the past month, she's started to realize that he can play with her and it is amazing to watch them together. He absolutely lights up when she acknowledges him and she loves to make him giggle. I know that as he starts to get mobile, they will be able to play together even more and I look forward to them really bonding.

I was able to capture one of their "play times" on video the other day and my heart just melted over how sweet Grace was being and how happy Connor was.

These moments make my heart melt and make all of the difficult days worth it!

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