Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Easter was so much fun this year!

I got the kid's Easter baskets ready the night before:
I didn't realize that I had so much for Grace! I found this Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad at a consignment sale for only $4. Grace loves baking so I knew that she needed this apron from Nana Banana's Gifts (review & giveaway coming soon!) We are slowly building up our Disney movie collection using the Disney Movie Club and I knew that Grace would enjoy Toy Story and The Incredibles! My mom got her the Safari Ltd Pets Toob. Grace has been playing with these non stop since Easter morning!

Connor got a little plush puppy and an adorable Dr Seuss diaper from DrammyDroopers (review & giveaway coming soon!) My mom got him a Winkel teether toy that he loves because it's easy to hold on to.

I didn't get too many pictures on the actual day. Grace refused to take a picture with Connor, but he was being cooperative.

We "hid" a few eggs on the deck for Grace to find. Last year she had no interest in hunting eggs so I wasn't sure what she would do this year. We showed her one and told her to put it in her basket and she got very excited. She did the rest by herself and had a great time!

She wouldn't look at me for a picture so this is the best I could get of her. Her dress was from Children's Place. She loved wearing her hat and wore it most of the day!

We went to church and then spent the rest of the day at family events.

I am not happy that we didn't get a family picture, but we had a great day!

How was your Easter? Did your kids love hunting for eggs?

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  1. We are currently building up our disney movie collection too!

    One movie I wasn't sure about was Ponyo, but my son LOVES it!



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