Monday, April 1, 2013

Connor: 5 Months Old!


When did you get so big? Seriously child, you are frequently mistaken for a one year old. You look and act so much older than you really are and I'm am not ready for you to be so big!


  • You are in size 3 diapers and 9 month clothes. I am buying 12 and 18 month clothes for the summer because I don't think you'll be in the 9 month stuff much longer.
  • You still have blue eyes and daddy is really hoping the stay that way. I see a little hint of brown so I think they may turn brown here pretty soon.
  • You roll both ways easily now and you are really trying to figure out how to crawl. When you stay on your tummy long enough, you can push yourself into a plank position or get your knees under you, just not at the same time.
  • You love standing up and really only need my hands for balance. You look like you are going to just walk away because you are so sturdy. You can sit up by yourself very well. You grab at toys and correct your position so that you don't fall down. Mommy is not brave enough to walk away from you while you are sitting yet but I think in a few weeks you will be pretty solid.
  • You had your second haircut this month.You sat very nicely and flirted with all of the women in the salon. They were all pretty charmed by you and you look very handsome with your new short hair!

    Before (Not your best picture, but it really shows how long your hair was getting!)
    And after!
    When it's wet, it is crazy. I just had to get a picture.

  • You have started to suck your thumb a lot. You will take the pacifier going to sleep, but during the day you prefer to suck your thumb. When you're tired, you suck your thumb and play with your hair, it's pretty much the cutest thing ever.
  •  You are still a talker. You love to talk and laugh. You are pretty much happy as long as you have someone paying attention to you. The other day, we were at Sonic and you started screaming as we were waiting for our drinks. After a few minutes of screaming bloody murder, the carhop came out and peeked through the back window and said "oh sweet boy, it's ok!" Without missing a beat, you stopped crying, smiled really big and started to giggle. You haven't met a woman you can't charm!
  • You are still grabbing at our food and I will be making you baby food here soon.
  • Your favorite toys are your moose, Wristy Buddy, Sophie the Giraffe, and Very Hungry Caterpillar book.
  • You learned how to give kisses this month. You grab my face and pull it towards you to give me a big sloppy kiss. Then you pull your head back and laugh. It's adorable.
  • You've become quite the mommy's boy. I have left you with both daddy and grandma this past week and you screamed pretty much the entire time and refused the bottle. You know how to drink out of the bottle, you've done it plenty before. You are just being stubborn. It reminds me a lot of your sister.
  • Speaking of Grace, you absolutely adore her. You watch her play, laugh at her when she laughs (or cries,) and you desperately wait for those moments when she acknowledges you by giving you a toy or by holding your hand. She's already in the "he's touching me!" phase but you keep persisting and I know before long you will be crawling along after her. You just can't wait to really play with her. 
 You are such a sweet and funny baby. I can't believe you're almost half a year old!

Love you baby boy,
Mommy and Daddy

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