Monday, March 18, 2013

Warm Weather Weekend!

After months of cold weather, we had two days at the end of last week with temperatures in the upper 70s. It was so gorgeous and it just so happened that my parents were in town to spend time with the kids, so we took full advantage of the gorgeous weather! We spent plenty of time outside and even visited the zoo. It was pretty busy because it was spring break and it was so nice outside, but we all had a great time anyway.

Not happily waiting to go in. She was very excited and didn't like having to wait for Papa to buy tickets.

Connor was very excited for his first trip to the zoo!
Watching her favorite animal, the polar bears!

Connor spent most of the trip chewing on his stroller straps but it kept him happy

Showing us the monkeys

She was fascinated by this guy with the very long tail

Watching the monkeys with Grandma

This elephant was enjoying giving himself a mud bath. He had dug a huge hole in the ground and was flinging mud everywhere. It was pretty funny to watch but we were a little worried that if we watched too long we might get muddy.

Enjoying the view from daddy's shoulders

Getting pretty tired at this point but she didn't want to stop.

We thought this would make a cute picture but we didn't realize until we put her on it that there were bugs swarming around it. We took this picture and immediately got her down!
She was asleep before we even got out of the zoo entrance. Connor did amazingly well and except for a short fussy period before I found somewhere to feed him, he was happy the entire time. He fell asleep as soon as we put him in his car seat. I can't wait until it's warm enough to start going to the zoo more often!

I realized today that both kids had their first trips to the zoo at 4 months old. I still don't think they look much alike.
Grace's first tip to the zoo at 4 months (May 2011)
Connor's first trip to the zoo at 4 months (March 2013)
It's 40 some degrees again today and I am so ready for spring!

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