Friday, March 22, 2013

Dreams of a Gold Medal

Dear Grace,

Sweet girl, before you were born, I thought stage moms were crazy. I thought women living vicariously through their children were desperate, sad people who honestly needed to just get a life.

But I have to admit to you that I had a moment today. As we were playing at a local gymnastics center during open play, I looked at the older girls flipping and jumping around and thought, I wish I could have done that. You see, this gymnastics center is known for producing amazing gymnasts, in fact, two of of them were on the silver medal winning 2012 Olympics USA Gymnastics Team. And for a split second, I saw you doing that. I saw you flipping and dancing and flying through the air. Of course, I imagined you at the Olympics. I got giddy just thinking about it. 

Then I snapped out of it. Baby girl, I will be proud of you whatever you end up doing. I promise that I will let you choose the activities that you are passionate about! I vow never to become a crazy Dance Mom. But if you choose to do gymnastics and go to the Olympics, I certainly won't complain :P

You had an amazing time at the gym this morning and I can't wait to expose you to new fun activities as you get older.

You loved the foam pit
Exhausted after running around, bouncing and jumping.


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