Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A day in the life: A hard day

Yesterday was one of those days. Moms, you know what I'm talking about, those days when you feel like you take one step forward and 10 steps back. I feel like sometimes we "mommy bloggers" only show the shiny, fun parts of our lives and rarely share the nitty gritty day to day stuff of being a mom. Because not every day is filled with stimulating activities, yummy recipes, and cute smiling kids.

My day yesterday went something like this:

3 AM to 7 AM: Connor was up every 30-45 minutes. I have no idea why. He wanted to use me as a pacifier and fell back to sleep nursing every time. The moment I moved him off of my boob he cried. I fell asleep multiple times with him on me and finally got him to let me put him down about 7.

7:30: After a few minutes of almost getting to fall asleep by myself, I heard Grace wake up. She started screaming because I don't make it in there within a minute to get her. We snuggled on the couch and started watching Monsters Inc, our morning routine

7:35: Connor woke up screaming. This is not normal for him, usually he'll sleep for a couple more hours in the morning allowing Grace to have some mommy time to help her wake up and giving me some time to get both her and myself ready. But he didn't go back to sleep. So I went in to get him and Grace started throwing a tantrum because she doesn't want Connor to sit with us while we watch the movie. I tried to ignore her but she wasn't having that.

7:40: Grace got a time out due to hitting Connor during her tantrum.

Things calmed down slightly after that and Grace played nicely for most of the morning. Connor took his nap and I was able to get a blog giveaway post done. I was feeling pretty accomplished despite our rough start.

Then we had a huge milestone! Warning, this is about potty training, so if you don't want to read about it, skip this paragraph. Grace had asked to sit on the potty once each day Sunday and Monday but she hadn't done anything except sit there for a few seconds. So when she asked again on Tuesday, I didn't expect anything. But much to my surprise, she got really quiet for a few seconds and she peed! You can imagine my excitement! I almost screamed how proud I was of her and quickly swooped her to give her a cookie as a reward. She was all smiles and we celebrated her accomplishment.

In my excitement, I realized that I had no rewards system set up for potty training and cookies were not going to work every time. So I packed up the kids to head to Target to find some stickers for a potty chart and some cheapy toys for prizes.

We were mostly successful on our Target trip. We found stickers and some cute stuff in the $1 section. But after about 10 minutes in the store, both kids started to get pretty fussy and whiny and so I made a beeline for the checkout. Target only had 2 lanes open and both had long lines. I picked the shortest of the 2 lines and tried to calm the kids down. I was obviously struggling and got some sympathetic looks from other moms waiting with their kids. The lines were taking forever and several people were lined up behind me. An employee finally opened a lane next to us and as I was trying to navigate my cart out of line to move over, a middle aged woman by herself with a huge cart full who was behind me quickly ran over and started laying her stuff on the belt. I was so mad and gave her a very nasty look. It would have taken only about a minute for me to check out before her but instead I waited another 5 minutes while she checked out with a full load of groceries. I know I don't deserve special treatment because I have kids and I don't expect it, but don't cut in line lady! Then Grace fell in the parking lot on the way out to the car and scraped up her knee. Thankfully Target isn't too far of a trip because the car ride home was not pleasant.

I tried to get Grace to nap when we got home but it didn't work. She just screamed and Connor needed my attention so I gave up. The afternoon was spent trying to keep them happy. Grace pulled out almost every toy she owned while I bounced Connor, nursed him, tried everything I could to keep him from screaming. My attempts didn't really work. He just was having a very fussy day and nothing was helping. Within 5 minutes, Grace managed to lock herself in the bathroom, she pulled all Connor's dirty clothes out of his hamper, and she dumped an entire bag of goldfish on the floor.  She threw a tantrum when I showed her the potty chart I made because I wouldn't let her have the stickers to play with. I didn't even show her the prize basket because I knew that would just cause an even worse tantrum.

During all of this, I discovered that Grace's picture from a previous blog post is being used as a random German modeling site's Youtube account picture. This really upset me and I spend 20 minutes going through Youtube's policies to try to figure out how to get it removed. I think I finally get the procedure started but it will take 48 hours before I know if I've made any progress on getting it taken down.

By the time Mike got home, I was in tears because the house was a wreck, I had yelled at Grace all afternoon, and Connor wouldn't stop crying. I was questioning myself for posting the kid's pictures on the blog and I was (and still am) worried about our privacy. Grace kept giving me hugs trying to make me feel better which of course made me cry more because I felt like a horrible mom for yelling at her so much when she really is a good kid.

This is what my living room looked like by about 4 yesterday. It got worse before Mike got home.
Mike quickly came to the rescue and took Grace to play. He turned on the vacuum and put Connor in the swing while I took a few minutes to myself. I felt better pretty quickly and we played as a family for a while before Grace went to bed at 7:30. She hadn't napped so she was exhausted and fell asleep pretty quickly.

7:30-9:30: Tried to get Connor to sleep. He would go to sleep only to wake up the second I put him down. We did this about 5 times before he finally stayed asleep.

9:30: I realized that I was starving and tried to find something healthy to eat. I ended up eating 4 chocolate chip cookies. They were delicious. Obviously chocolate was needed on a day like that.

I spend the next 30 minutes or so catching up on Facebook and blog reading before dragging myself to bed exhausted. 10:30 is my normal bedtime but I couldn't even keep my eyes open that long.

Parenting is hard. Parenting two young kids is harder than I ever thought it would be.

But overall, it's the most rewarding job I've ever had and I love it, even on hard days. I love having this blog. I love documenting my kid's lives and I enjoy going back and reading all of my old posts. I'm still not sure what to do about the privacy issue. I just wanted to share that some days are hard. But tomorrow is a new day! Today has already been a lot better!


  1. I am sorry you had such a crap day! I am glad you decided to blog about it, because I read all of these blogs, with pics posted of clean, smiling kids and a clean house in the background and figure I must be doing it all wrong! Good to see bloggers aren't superheroes

  2. My living room looks like that 24/7. :o)
    Sorry you had a rough day, but thankful you posted about it because it reminds others that everyone has them! I've also cried and Mackenzie has hugged me to make me feel better, which makes me cry more. Then I eat junk for dinner and go to bed. :o)
    And, that lady at Target should have let you go first! You were ahead of her anyways!



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