Thursday, February 21, 2013

Toddler Activity: Playing with rice

Sometimes the simplest activities are the ones that Grace enjoys the most. I didn't have to spend very long getting this activity ready, but she loved it! I put some dried rice into a bowl and gave her several cups, small Tupperware containers and measuring spoons to play with. Eventually I added some uncooked pasta to the mix and we buried wooden letters in it for her to dig and find. She loved pouring the rice from container to container and crunching it between her fingers. She played for about 30 minutes with it. She made a mess but it was really easy to clean up and it was worth it. Next time I will add dried beans to the mix for another texture to explore.

She loves these breaks from her normal toys!

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  1. I'm glad you said the mess is easy to clean up. Because this makes my blood pressure rise a little. I need to get over that though and do things like this with Mackenzie. She'd love it!

    1. Lol! If it doesn't involve having to take a bath afterwards, it really doesn't bother me. I know she would love finger painting but I just can't stand that mess yet!

  2. I have a cake pan with a lid that is our official "rice box" When I let the kids play with it, I put the whole cake pan on a large cookie sheet so that most of the rice that spills outside the pan lands on the cookie sheet. I have small cups, measuring cups and spoons, funnels and a few other miscellaneous things in the pan with the rice. The kids LOVE it and it's usually pretty mess-free! You know, unless the 2 year old decides to chuck a handful across the kitchen, lol.



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