Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snow Days!

After a fairly warm winter, we were hit with two nasty snow storms this past week here in Kansas City. We got about 10 inches on Thursday and then another 6-7 inches Monday and Tuesday.

This was our deck after the the first storm on Thursday:

Mike had to clear a path for the dogs to get out.

After a little bit of melting, this is what we woke up to on Tuesday!

We lost several large branches but thankfully kept power the entire time. I know many people in the area were not so lucky. It was an extremely heavy snow and all of our branches were drooping.

Mike was able to work from home from Thursday to Tuesday and we had a lot of great family time.

We decided to let Grace play with snow inside and just set her on a towel with a Tupperware container full. She asked for a spoon and then proceeded to eat every last bit of it. She thought it was pretty great. Connor thought it was pretty hilarious.

Most of the mornings we spent cuddled up nice and warm in bed. Grace was refusing to look at the camera, but she was making us put her "night night" under the pillow with her baby.

When the second round of snow arrived, Grace was so excited and she wanted to show Connor. They sat like this mesmerized by the falling snow for a long time.

We did several fun activities to try to keep Grace from going stir crazy. I found these gel window clings in the Target $1 section weeks ago and thought I would save them for a rainy day. I figured this was the perfect chance to bring them out and sure enough she loved sticking them on and rearranging them to her heart's content.

Finally, on Tuesday afternoon after all of the snow had stopped, we bundled her up and let her go play on the deck. She was so excited and kept picking up the snow to show us. She ran in it as fast as she could and even started picking it up and throwing it in the air saying "wee!" (she has done this with leaves with her Papa before.) After about 15 minutes, her little nose was bright red and I made her come inside because it was freezing cold. She threw a massive tantrum; I really think she would have stayed out there for hours if I would have let her.

I am not a snow person. I could never live up north where it snows like this all of the time. And I am so thankful that we didn't have to drive in it. But overall, we had a pretty good week and enjoyed our snow days.

Now I'm ready for spring!

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  1. Window clings...I am so buying some of those for my kids! We have a sliding glass door in our living room and that would keep my kids entertained for a while. Thanks for the idea!



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