Saturday, February 16, 2013

Just Between Friends Deals!

I shared last week about how excited I was for consignment sale season to be starting and I hit my first one, the JBF Lees Summit sale, yesterday! I got some amazing deals. I had to take both kids with me so I didn't get to look as much as I would have liked but I'm still pretty happy with my haul!

Set of 27 die cast vehicles (new in box)- $3
Graco car seat for Grace's doll- $4
Thomas the Train phone- $2
2 new Melissa & Doug Reusable sticker pads- $4 each

Silver knock off Toms- $2
White Stride Rite tennis shoes- $5
Blue/orange Stride Rite sandals- $3
Blue/green Stride Rite tennis shoes- $5

Stride Rite shoes retail for $30-$50 each!!

My total was $34.47 and I had a $25 gift card making my total out of pocket $9.47!

I'm going to go back on 50% off day for another look. I didn't even get the chance to look at clothes because the kids were getting fussy.

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