Monday, February 11, 2013

Grace's 2 year pictures and a family photo!

I won a photo session last year from Heather Vaught Photography in Lees Summit and I thought it would be perfect for Grace's 2 year photos! I honestly didn't expect to get any good ones because she hates cameras and sitting still right now, so I hated to spend a ton of money. We had to wake Grace up from her nap the day we did the session and true to her personality, she spent the entire session doing exactly what she wanted. Luckily, Heather has a daughter only a few weeks younger than Grace so she was extremely patient and got some amazing shots! It's hard to choose from all of the great pictures she got but here are some of my favorites!

Grace zoomed in on these stuffed rocking horses as soon as we got into the studio. She dragged them over to the backdrop and screamed if we tried to move them. She loved them.

So the photographer tried to use flowers to distract her while I hid the horses. She grabbed all of the flowers and wouldn't let them go!

So I tried the ultimate bribe, the applesauce pouch. I love this picture because of the gleam in her eyes. It is so her.

The photographer wanted her to sit on the fur blanket and put the boa around her neck. Well, Grace decided she was going night night on the blanket and thought the boa was her blankie. Only my child!
She was enjoying modeling at the point!
She looks so much older than 2.
 We wanted to try to get some family shots and had some difficulty getting Grace to cooperate. She proceeded to run around the studio like a wild child. Connor was being sweet and cooperative so we took advantage of it!
I laugh when people say he looks like me (only like 2 people have even tried to say that.) He is a daddy clone!

I'm so impressed with the quality of the pictures and best of all, she got a family shot where we are all looking at the camera! We hadn't managed to get a single good family shot since Connor was born so I am beyond thrilled! You wouldn't even know that about a minute before Grace was throwing a huge fit because we wouldn't let her hold a wooden duck in the picture! Although you might notice that both Mike and I are holding each child's hands down, the joys of parenthood.

 This one is going on a canvas to hang above our fireplace!

Thanks Heather for the great photos! 

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  1. Lovely pictures!! I'm tempted to do a 'cake smash' photoshoot for Rio's first birthday



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