Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Children's Activities

How to you decide which activities to put your kids in?

There are so many options, dance, sports, art, music....the list goes on and on! And every single class costs quite a bit of money.

Grace loves activity and getting out of the house. She thrives on constant stimulation and we've been trying to find activities to peek her interest. We've tried music classes and although she loved the singing and dancing, she didn't like having to follow the class structure. For $7 a class, I just couldn't justify going when she wasn't getting much out of it. So we thought trying some physical activities would help burn off some of her extra energy!

This past weekend we started swimming lessons with Grace's friend Brooke. They ended up in matching swimsuits and looked pretty adorable running down the hallway from the locker room. They were so excited to go swimming!

It was hard to get a good picture because they were running. As soon as Grace saw the pool, she wanted to run right in. She angrily sat on the bleachers waiting for the teacher to get everything ready.

We had fun except the pool was absolutely freezing! By about 20 minutes in Grace's lips were blue and she was shivering. It made for a very unhappy end to the lesson. If it's not warmer for the next lesson, I'm probably going to ask for my money back.

Yesterday we tried out a free Gymboree class with Brooke and Peighton.

Grace had an amazing time and basically ran around climbing and sliding like a crazy child. But the classes range anywhere from $80-$100 a month! That seems crazy to me to pay that much for classes for a toddler.

I don't really know what we will try next. When she turns 3, we will probably see about doing some sort of team sport or gymnastics. My dad keeps suggesting martial arts because she has a pretty bad temper and it wouldn't hurt her to learn how to control it! 

What are you children's favorite activities? Do you limit the number they do?


  1. I wanted to do Gymboree with Mackenzie also, but can't justify the cost! We are looking for a tumbling/gymnastics class for her now that's a reasonable cost. She just wants to play and rumble.

  2. We have a place that has lots of bounce houses and you can pay $5 for "pop-in" playtime. No structure, just run around and slide and play.



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