Monday, January 28, 2013

They're plotting against me already

Grace: Connor, I think we need to work together. I'm pretty sure we are letting mommy sleep too much. Every time I ask for ice cream she tells me no. If she's really tired, she'll say yes so I'll stop crying. I have a plan.
Connor: But I don't get ice cream.
Grace: I will give you some of mine.
Connor: Okay!
Grace: Let mommy fall asleep and after about an hour, wake up and cry. I'll listen and after I hear her put you back to sleep, I'll wake up and scream. Once you hear me calm down, you can cry again so she'll pick you up. Only let her sleep about 15 minutes between taking care of us. Then she will be much happier and give me (ok, us) ice cream!
Connor: Okay big sister!

Yes, I swear this is happening. How else could they be coordinating my lack of sleep so well? I'm terrified of their teenage years!
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