Thursday, January 24, 2013

The secret to soft chocolate chip cookies!

I've learned the secret to making soft cookies. Yes, I have to write a post on this because I am now obsessed with making and eating chocolate chip cookies.

I mentioned in Grace's birthday party post that I made her a big chocolate chip cookie cake instead of a normal cake. I did it for several reason, the main one being that she LOVES cookies, but also because I've been craving chocolate chip cookies lately. I have more cravings when I'm nursing than I do when I'm pregnant.

So over New Years weekend when my family was in town, I made a cookie cake to see how it would turn out. I'm glad I did, because this is what happened:

Keeping cookies moist

Do you notice all of the cookie parts all over the bottom of the oven? Yeah, they smelled awful. The cookie still tasted amazing though. I baked it on a Pampered Chef Baking Stone and I stuck to the Tollhouse recipe, there's no need to change a tried and true classic in my opinion. I can't make cookies without remembering the episode of Friends where Monica is trying to figure out Phoebe's grandmother's cookie recipe and it finally ends up being the Nestle Tollhouse recipe. I miss that show!

Anyway, I love cookies, but I don't like crunchy cookies. I love it when they're soft right out of the oven. A friend of mine from my cake class mentioned that if you take a flat spatula and press the cookies down flat as soon as they come out of the oven, they will stay moist for days. I figured it was worth a try and it worked! It took about 3 days for all of this cookie to get eaten and it was just as soft on the last day as it was on the first.

I learned my lesson with Grace's cookie cake and left more space along the edges of the stone for it to spread. A little still spilled over, but it was much better. Again, I flattened it with a spatula and it was moist and delicious for her party the next day. I think the guests agreed because it was gone within an hour!

Keeping cookies moist

Now I want cookies. I might have to send Mike to the store to get some butter!

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  1. What a great idea instead of the traditional cake!


  2. Great idea! I have worked really hard to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie (my husbands favorite), and I believe I have perfected it. I wrote a blog post about it, with my secrets. Enjoy!



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