Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The cure for mommy brain: Itzbeen Review

I remember being surprised when I had Grace how significant my "mommy brain" was. Being extremely sleep deprived, I would frequently forget when I had last changed her diaper and I often had no clue which side I had previously nursed from. So when Itzbeen offered to send me one of their Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timers for Connor, I jumped at the chance to try it. I've read great reviews of them and my friend Melissa of Growing Up Geeky raves about hers. I'm so glad I got one, I love it!

If you have never seen an Itzbeen Baby Care Timer before, it is basically a compact unit with one touch timers to indicate when you last fed and changed your baby's diaper. There is also a button to time how long your baby has been awake or asleep and one button that you can use to time whatever you want. There is a built in nightlight and a back light feature that make it easy and convenient to use at night. If you want to set yourself an alarm to remind you of a baby task, simply press the corresponding button for 3 seconds to set the timer. For those of who are nursing, there is a nursing reminder tab that you switch back and forth to remind you what side you should be nursing on for this feeding. It has a clip on the back so that you can attach it to your pants and it comes in a selection of 3 colors.

I received the Itzbeen timer in blue and started using it shortly after Connor was born. I love that it allows me to remember when I last changed and fed him. I use the extra button to time Grace's diaper changes. I often find myself so busy trying to take care of both of them that I haven't changed Grace's diaper in quite a while. So I've started setting the alarm for myself so that I won't forget. I'm really trying to get Connor into a nap time routine and the Itzbeen has been so helpful with that. If he's starting to get fussy, I can check how long it's been since he woke up and more often than not, he needs a nap. When I first started using it, I noticed that it beeped every time I pushed a button. I was worried that the noise would disturb Connor, but I was happy to see that there is a mute feature on the side.

My only issue with the Itzbeen has been that Grace seems to think it's a toy. If it is anywhere in her reach, she steals it and uses it like a phone. Luckily, there is a lock button on the side that allows me to lock the timers so no matter how many times she presses the buttons, they won't reset. She thinks the lights are a fun feature and if I don't set it somewhere high, it always seems to walk away! Obviously, there's not really anything Itzbeen could do about this, but I thought I would mention it for all of you moms of toddlers. Make sure to keep it somewhere your toddler can't reach!

The Itzbeen has been a total lifesaver for my "mommy brain." It will be one of my go to baby shower gifts now!

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