Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Grace's 2nd Birthday Curious George Party

When I started planning Grace's second birthday party, I was excited that one of her favorite TV shows right now is Curious George (or Ah-Ah George as she calls him.) I love Curious George and I thought it would make a great party theme.

I designed the invitations myself and printed them with a Shutterfly credit.

Curious George Birthday Party Invitation

I am really happy with the way they turned out!

I decided that I wasn't going to go crazy for this party. I honestly didn't have time to make a fancy cake this year like I did last year, so I decided to do a few minimal decorations and a chocolate chip cookie cake.

I made a banner using cardstock, my Cricut Machine and some curling ribbon. The pennants were cut out by hand and the letters were cut out on the Cricut wih the Birthday Cakes cartridge. We used command strip hooks to hang it.

Pennant Banner

We had basic appetizers plus a ton of homemade chocolate chip cookies! The cookies were a huge hit with both the kids and the adults. I have the secret for keeping chocolate chip cookies soft and I'll share it soon!

I made this cookie cake for Grace and used a plastic Curious George figurine that a friend found for me. I was not happy with the writing but I love how the border turned out. It was a great alternative to a regular cake and it was gone by the end of the party.

I made a Curious George balloon bunch with Grace's pictures and had tons of Curious George books out as decorations.
Curious George balloon decoration

I found several Curious George images that I blew up, printed out, and taped to the walls.

Grace wasn't fond of everyone singing to her.

When it was time to open presents, it became pretty apparent that Grace wanted nothing to do with it.

So her friend Brooke decided to step in to help for a few minutes while Grace played. Obviously playing in the wagon is more fun than opening presents.

Grace's favorite gift of the day was her homemade baby basket, baby, and quilt from her Aunt Sharon.

She had a great time playing with her friends, so the party was a success!

I got Grace's Curious George outfit at Leo & Lyla! They make adorable custom children's outfits and ship nationwide. Here's an entire post about them for more info! To celebrate Grace's birthday, Leo & Lyla is offering a special discount just for Moments That Take My Breath Away readers! Use the code 20FORGRACE for 20% off your purchase. It will be active until 1/31. It can be used on Leo & Lyla's Etsy page or for custom orders through Facebook and email. It cannot be used at the Mommy Shop.

I can totally understand why people pay to have their party somewhere, it's so much work to have it at home. But I loved seeing her face when she saw all of the "Ah-Ah George" decorations. This is the 2nd year in a row I've forgotten to get a family picture during the party, hopefully I'll remember next year!

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  1. Very cute! I'm hoping to do a Curious George themed party for one of my kids someday and this gave me some great ideas! Do you mind me asking where you got her adorable outfit?

    1. Hannah, I meant to include that in the post so thanks for reminding me! I just added the info but I got it from Leo & Lyla. Here is their Facebook page!
      They make adorable custom outfits and you can get 20% off until the end of January with the code 20FORGRACE!

  2. I LOVE the Curious George doll holding "balloons" of your little girl's pictures! My little man's birthday party is next Saturday-- crunch time! Definitely want to do this to put on a shelf we have in our entry way. Thank you for such a great idea! (And hope you don't mind my copying);)

  3. (sorry, p.s, found your blog through Pinterest):-)



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