Monday, January 14, 2013

Grace: 2 years old


Oh my darling girl, I can hardly believe this day has come. You are 2. Exactly two years ago at 9:25 PM  you were born. You came out crying, probably mad that we forced you out of your oh so comfortable home. You showed so much of your personality so early, strong willed and intelligent.

I just went back and read your 1 year old post and I laughed at how much you've grown and changed, yet there are some things haven't changed a bit. I wish I could remember every single moment because even the hard ones are amazing.

You still hate getting your picture taken. I really don't blame you at all, I don't like it either, but it makes posts like this difficult because most of my attempts at decent pictures involve you running away or screaming at me. We had your pro 2 year pics done yesterday and I think she actually got several decent ones, but you were still adamant about letting us know that you were in control of the session. Instead of sitting nicely, you arranged the two rocking horses that belonged to the photographer's daughter in front of the backdrop, grabbed several silk flowers that she was using to try to get your attention and stood nicely looking at the camera. The moment we tried to move the horses or the flowers, you threw massive tantrums. When we finally got those moved and tried to take a family shot, you saw a wooden duck that you just had to have and proceeded to scream until we let you hold it. You are a strong willed girl my dear. Mommy and daddy finally won the duck war, but not without several minutes of kicking and screaming from you. While we may find it hard to deal with now, please don't ever lose that fire. I know that no one will ever push you around, you won't stand for it. I know you will always be a leader, a strong girl who doesn't let anyone tell her what to do. And for that I am grateful. I love your fiery spirit.

While this age has been challenging in many ways, it has been amazing to watch how much you've developed in the past year. You've gone from being a baby with few words taking only a few hesitant steps to a little girl with tons of words who spends a lot of her time running. You have changed so much!

  • You weigh just over 25 lbs. You are on the small side for weight for your age because you are so active. I don't know how tall you are at the moment but I would say it's about average for your age. You still have a big head. I often have to buy the next size up in shirts so that we can get them over your head. 
  • You have so much hair. It is very long compared to other girls your age and we have had to get your bangs cut 4 times in the last few months. Daddy keeps trying to get me to cut the back, but I just can't do it. It is about halfway down your back when it's wet, but it curls up at the bottom when it's dry so it doesn't look that long. I think it makes you look way older than 2. Kids often come up to you and start talking and seem insulted when you don't talk back. They think you are older and that you are just being mean!

  • I still don't really know what color your eyes are. Sometimes they look blue, sometimes they look brown. Most days they have a ring of brown in the inside and the outside is blue. Who knows if they'll keep changing or if they will stay that way!
  • You love to eat. Once you realized where the food was kept, you dragging me to the fridge or pantry multiple times became a normal part of our day. You would point at what you wanted, and depending on what it was, I would generally get it for you. In the past several months, we've really been working on using your words and now you generally tell me what you want. Most of the time I have to say no because it's ice cream or a cookie. You have a major sweet tooth, your got that from me!
  • Your favorite foods are pizza, apples, bananas, mandarin oranges, ice cream, and yogurt. You absolutely love almost every kind of fruit, but really don't like most veggies. It is a struggle to get you to eat them at all. You LOVE milk. It's hard to get you to drink anything else. We haven't really introduced juice, you are fine with just milk and water, so we plan to keep it that way a while. 
  • You're getting more and more verbal every day. Some weeks you won't say any new words at all, and others we'll hear multiple new words a day.. Today you learned to say train and cry. You looked at me while Connor was crying and said "Mama, baby cry." You're just starting to put basic sentences together and it's so interesting to hear your thought process. 
  • You are still a very affectionate girl. You love to give hugs and kisses. You have "your people" as we call them that you adore and you're generally not too thrilled to be too close to anyone else.  We only really leave you with a few people as baby sitters because you get anxious in new places and situations. It generally takes about 20-30 minutes in a new place for you to really feel comfortable. We've learned quickly that forcing you to do anything is not the way to go. We have to let you decide when you're ready, and then you do great.   
  • You have quite the temper. If you don't get what you want, you pretty much go straight into a tantrum. You are not easily distractable and it often takes me letting you scream for several minutes before you decide to move on to something else. Time outs aren't very effective, you don't really take them seriously and we're working on that!
  • Nap times are still pretty miserable for all involved. I'm pretty sure you're going to be dropping naps soon. 

  • However, at night you sleep great. You go down pretty easily, after reading Winnie the Pooh, if  I forget, I'm in trouble! You generally sleep from about 8 PM to 6:30 AM straight!
  • You love animals. If we could go to the zoo or aquarium ever day, you would be in heaven. You love your dogs and try to hug and pet them all the time. You are constantly bringing us their toys wanting to play with them. You desperately want them to play with you, but they're not quite sure about it yet. Occasionally they will let you chase them around and you run around like a crazy child laughing your head off. At the pediatricians office, you scream when I try to peel you away from the fish tanks he has in the waiting room. I can't wait to take you to the zoo again this spring.

  • You are very musical. You love to sing and dance! Right now, you always dance during the movie Rio (or as you call it birds) and sing to Winnie the Pooh. Last night, you were singing along to the Pooh song going "a-pooh, a-pooh" over and over. You will tap the rhythm of music on your knee and you have pretty impressive rhythm for a 2 year old!
  • You are very nurturing. You love your baby dolls and call them your babies. You cuddle them, feed them your food, give them drinks out of your sippy cup, and put them in Connor's swing. You sleep with them every night and we're accumulating many many baby dolls. 

  •  You are an amazing big sister. You have adapted to Connor so much better than we expected you to. You still have jealous moments, and a lot of the time you are pretty ambivalent to him, but there are some moments that make my heart melt. You will help me pat his back to burp him, lay on the play mat with him, or make me lay him in your crib so you can play "night night" with him. You give him kisses and hugs and in his two months of life, have only hit him once on purpose. Not bad at all considering you're still not quite sure why you have to share mommy so much. 

  • You are extremely imaginative. You love playing with your stuffed animals, dressing up your dolls, and playing "night night" (a game that involves putting your brother and as many toys, stuffed animals, and dolls as possible in to your crib and laying there "sleeping" for a while)
Dressing up your dog with his crown (a star shaped mirror from one of your play purses)

Playing night night. That day it included Connor, a balloon, the stuffed dog, the kangaroo, a baby doll and the pink plastic cell phone
  • You want to eat like a big girl now. You are sitting in a booster chair at restaurants! You eat with a fork and a spoon reasonably well and you would love it if we would let you drink out of a regular cup all of the time. You're not quite ready for that yet though so we still are using a sippy cup for now.
  • Our biggest development this week has been that you no longer suck on mommy's finger. Yes, the disgusting habit is finally broken. It took 3 days of me constantly telling you that you are a big girl and don't need it, and you finally decided to stop. You now hold my hand as a way to comfort yourself which works very well and is much easier on mommy. 
  • Your favorite toy is your Nesting Blocks. We spend hours each day building the tower of blocks and then knocking them down. We are using them to learn your numbers and letters.
  • If you had your choice, I think you would spend your entire day outside playing rough with daddy. You love being outside, it doesn't matter if it's cold or hot, you would be content hanging out on the deck going down your slide or playing in your cozy coupe all day long. Your favorite time of day is when daddy gets home and he wrestles with you and throws you up in the air. You're a daredevil and mommy often can't watch, but you laugh hysterically and always go back for more. 

Mommy could literally write for hours about all of the fun little things you do.  You are an amazing, smart, beautiful little girl. I am so proud to be your mommy and I know daddy feels so proud too. I can't wait to see what the next year brings!

Mommy and Daddy

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  1. Love her hair! My 5 year old daughter still doesn't have that much hair :/



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