Saturday, January 12, 2013

Connor's 1st Haircut

Grace got her first haircut when she was 18 months old, Connor got his yesterday at 2 months. The child has a ton of hair! She only trimmed up the sides and the back, but it really needed it. It was getting long over his neck and ears. Grandma Barb held him, but he decided that he really didn't like getting his hair cut.

Within a few seconds, he was screaming and I couldn't really get a good picture.

But here's a before and after of my handsome little boy.

Mike keeps telling me I need to get the top cut too, but I love how it sticks straight up by itself and I just can't bear to cut it yet. He's going to have to learn to like hair cuts because he's going to need them pretty often I think!

Big sister Grace also got her hair cut.

I had been trying to grow out the sides, but her hair is so fine that it always ended up in her face. So I finally just told her to cut bangs to keep her eyes clear. I think it looks adorable. The back is still very long with curl on the ends and I won't be cutting that any time soon.

When did your kids get their first haircuts?

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  1. My oldest daughter, who will be 5 in a few weeks, has never had her hair cut and it's still so short, thin, and fine that I just was able to put a decent ponytail in it last summer. My son was born with a full head of hair, but it didn't grow too fast and he didn't need a haircut until right before his 1st birthday. Okay, he might've needed one before that, I couldn't bear to cut off those adorable curls! My youngest daughter was also born with a full head of hair and at the age of 3 months, her hair in the back is long! If she were a boy, I'd have cut it a month ago. So excited to have a little girl with hair!



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