Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Connor: 3 Months Old


You are now 3 months old. You don't look like a newborn anymore and people always think you are older than you are, probably because of your hair.

You are a chunk, weighing in at 14 lbs 15 oz putting you in the 85th percentile. It doesn't suprise me at all since you pretty much want to eat all the time. You're 24 1/4 inches (64th percentile) and your head is 16 1/4 inches (52nd percentile.) You've got rolls on your legs that I absolutely love. You are in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes. I put you in a 9 month sleeper the other day and it fit fairly well. I don't think the 3-6 month clothes will last much longer.

You've got such a personality for a 3 month old. We can already tell you're going to be a funny, easy going, social guy.
  • You are a great sleeper generally. You still sleep most nights from about 10:30 PM- 5 AM. Naps are hit and miss, but your normally take at least one good 2 hour nap during the day, sometimes longer. You sleep very well when you are swaddled, not so much when your hands are free. You also take lots of cat naps during the day.
  • Your eyes are steel gray and your hair is still dark brown. You have so much hair! When we go out, every single person we talk to mentions how much hair you have. It hasn't really fallen out much although it's starting to thin out in the back just from you sleeping on it. I'm hoping you won't get the bald spot on the back of your head like your big sister. 

  • You love motion, your swing, the car, mommy and daddy walking you around, mommy wearing you in the carrier, you don't care as long as you are moving. It calms you down quickly.
  • You made your first trip to Wichita this month and you were a champ. Only about 15 minutes of fussing total for the entire 6 hour round trip. 
  • Your favorite toys are your Lamaze moose, the soft Very Hungry Caterpillar book, and your bouncer with the penguin on it. 
Talking to your Lamaze moose
  • You are really starting to love your pacifier. 
  • You rolled over from your tummy to your back for the first time! I thought it was a fluke so we put you back on your tummy again and you quickly rolled to the other side. You do not like tummy time and are happy that you've figured out how to avoid it.
  • You are trying very hard to sit up by yourself. I don't think it will be long before you succeed,  you are very strong for your age.
  • You adore your big sister. She can make you laugh faster than anyone and your face lights up when you see her. You love watching her play and you talk to her when we are in the car. 
Laughing at Grace

She thought she needed to read you Winnie the Pooh instead of letting me take your picture. You sat and listened to her "read" for 5 minutes.

  • You are a talker. You spend a lot of your day "talking" to mommy which basically involves us saying a-goo back and forth. You think it's pretty hilarious and I'm pretty fond of it too. When you are nursing, you will randomly look up and me, grin, say a-goo and go back to eating. My heart melts every time.

  • You have an umbilical hernia that appeared this month. The pediatrician swears they're not genetic, but your sister had one too. You'll end up with an outie when it closes up and I think it's pretty cute now.
  • You love being naked. You can be screaming and the moment I start taking your clothes off, you start to smile and kick your legs. You love stretching your legs out as far as you can and kicking them as hard as you can.  

  • However, you really don't like being cold so we have to limit your naked time. You also don't really like being put down. Your are a social boy and really want people to be interacting with you.
  • You have become a mommy's boy. You let other people hold you, but when you are fussy, you only want mommy. You really aren't fussy all that often so it's generally not a big deal.

You are such a pleasant, fun and easy baby. It's hard to remember life without you now! You're growing so fast. I know you will be hitting milestones like crazy the next few months. You really want to move so I think you might be an early crawler.

We love you sweet boy. Your smile lights up the room and I can't wait to see your fun personality develop.

Mommy and Daddy

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