Friday, January 11, 2013

An apple a day....

I learned an important lesson the other day. Do not give a toddler a whole apple. I was watching her, but failed to notice that she was devouring the entire thing, core and all. She handed me the stem and a tiny bit of the core proudly after only a few minutes. Being the paranoid mother that I am, I Googled and discovered that apples seeds contain trace amounts of cyanide, but a person would have to eat hundreds of them for it to be a problem. Good to know, right? She loves apples, but I will be cutting them up for a while longer I think!

In other news, Grace's 2nd birthday is Monday (cue tears!) and I am in full party planning mode! I promised myself that I would keep it simple and not go crazy with ideas. I have to admit that I didn't exactly keep my promise. I'm so excited for her party and I can't wait to show you all what I've been doing!

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  1. Funny! When my nephew was 2, he used to eat apples from the bottom up to the stem and when he was done, nothing was left but the stem :)



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