Sunday, December 9, 2012

The American Girl Doll I Never Had....

Did you ever have a present that you really wanted as a child, but never got? I was extremely lucky to have what I did growing up, but there was always one big thing I wanted but never got, an American Girl Doll. Specifically, the Samantha doll.

I was obsessed with the American Girl books when I was young. I read them all as quickly as I could and made my mother buy me a new one anytime we went to the book store. I don't know how we started receiving the doll catalogs, but when they arrived, I would spend hours pouring over them, admiring each outfit and carefully marking which doll and accessories I wanted. My favorite girl was always Samantha. I couldn't even tell you why now as I don't remember much of the books, but I do remember that I loved her outfits the most! To my extreme disappointment, I never received my Samantha doll.

I know now that these dolls are extremely expensive and that's why I never got one, but I have to say that my desire for this doll never really went away. I learned recently that they retired my Samantha doll several years ago and that she is no longer available to purchase. Prices for her now on Ebay run extremely high. Can you tell I'm sad about this?

Our library system has the entire collection of American Girl dolls, accessories and tons of outfits that the branches can order in to display for a month at a time. When I worked at the library, one of my coworkers and I excitedly ordered the entire collection and I kid you not, spent an entire day dressing the dolls, doing their hair, and setting up their displays with the proper accessories. Neither one of us were able to afford a doll growing up and we were in heaven that day. I swear our coworkers thought we were crazy.

Several days ago, I saw that the American Girl Store was having a huge sale on a couple of their dolls. They NEVER have sales on their dolls. They don't need to. People are perfectly willing to pay full price for them. So I went to the website to check out the sale and found that the sale dolls were only $50! They are normally $124 so this was an amazing price and without much hesitation at all, I ordered one for me, I mean for Grace! We are now the proud owners of Marie-Grace. Seriously, with that name how could I resist?

Because obviously a 2 year old needs an American Girl doll, right? Yes, I am going to live vicariously through my daughter. I fully intend on holding it back until she is older and can appreciate it, if I can wait that long. I may never get my Samantha doll, but I will love watching Grace enjoy her Marie-Grace doll!

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  1. I can totally related to this post. When I was a little girl I wanted a 1988 Happy Holidays Barbie (the first year they were made). My mom couldn't get one since they were sold out everywhere and I was pretty sad about it. She did buy me one every year after (and still does :) but I was always missing that first one. A few years ago I got a surprise for Christmas from my brother - he bought me my "unicorn" off of Ebay and I finally got my hands on my 1988 Barbie! Oh, and I also took advantage of this AG doll deal and bought 3 Marie-Grace dolls for my nieces - I couldn't pass it up!

  2. I always wanted a doll house. I did finally get one - when I was 16!!! lol! My mom happened across a free one. Lovely, but I was 16! My kids have it now at least. :)

  3. My sisters and I all wanted an American doll. My favorite was Kirsten, the little Scandanavian pioneer girl. But with 5 children, there was no way my parents could get us all one! So we had to content ourselves with drooling over catalogs and reading all the books from cover to cover (I'm so glad my local library had them).

  4. Samantha was my favorite growing up too :) I'm one of 5 children so my parents could never afford one either, but now I'm saving up for a special doll (either American Girl or My Twinn) for my daughter.

  5. I had an Addy that I shared with my sister. We saved our combined money for 3 YEARS to get her and as lovely as she was (is! she is still in great condition!) i always had a soft spot in my heart for Kirsten. Addy was sadly outgrown very quickly because we were 10 and 12 years old when we got her. I love AG! It's sad that they are so expensive. Ours was $83 back in the day. I totally plan on getting my daughter (if I ever have a daughter) a knock off. Thank you Target!

  6. My mother got me the Samantha doll for Christmas when I was 18. I think I was oldest girl to be that excited about receiving a doll, LOL. I still have her and refuse to let my 3 year old play with her.



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