Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Make believe

Grace has started playing make believe lately. Nothing major of course, but I've been fascinated by this development. Mostly because, and I'm the first to admit this, I have absolutely no imagination. I'm not kidding. I am probably one of the most literal, matter of fact people you will ever meet. Don't take that the wrong way, I am not boring or as a friend of mine calls it, a fun hater, but I simply am not a creative person. I never played house or made my dolls talk to each other. I never wanted to be an astronaut or a rock star, I always wanted more practical things, to be a vet or an architect. Even now, ask me to do any sort of creative writing and I will probably just stare blankly at the page for hours on end. Give me an analytical topic and I'll bust out an essay in no time. In college, I wrote 20-30 page papers in one night with no problem. Ask me to come up with characters and names for a novel, it would take me weeks....may be months. It's probably the main reason I could never open a cake business of my own, I would never be able to come up with my own designs!

So in the past week weeks I've noticed Grace doing simple things like giving her stuffed animals "drinks" or "bites" of her food or having them give each other kisses. She will take her stuffed puppies on walks and will put her baby in a blanket to go to sleep. She will play with her kitchen and play food for long periods of time and "cook" us meals. We play tea party and she includes her animals and dolls. I think she must have gotten her imagination from her daddy because it's certainly not from me!!

Giving her kitty drinks

Dressing her kitty up

Going through the daily ritual of wrapping tiger in her blankets so he can take a nap
Do your kids like to play make believe? How do you encourage their imagination?

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