Thursday, October 18, 2012

Baby shower games!

A couple of weekends ago, I was lucky enough to help throw my best friend a baby shower to celebrate her baby boy! She is due on Christmas and I am so excited for them. They live about 6 hours away from us, so unfortunately I'm not going to be there to get to meet him, but I know they'll be amazing parents and it was so much fun to do her shower.

Being 3 hours away from the shower location and 34 weeks pregnant made it difficult for me to help out too much, but my big contributions to the event were doing the invitation and the games. I used several ideas from my showers that I loved for her shower and I think they worked really well so I wanted to share.

My favorite part of my shower in Wichita was a special request we made that instead of buying cards, people bring their favorite children's book with a message for baby written in the front. Personally, I don't save cards, they get read once and then thrown into a box or thrown away. But the books I received will be kept and read for years to come. I love opening Grace's books and reading the messages people wrote to her and it's such a great way to build baby's library. Since Courtney loves books as much as I do, I knew this was something we had to do for her shower as well. Her shower theme was penguins, so I included this little note in with each invitation instructing guests to please bring a book instead of a card. If you would like to download a copy of this image to use, you can find it here.

books poem

It was a huge hit and they got a great collection of books. Cards are so expensive these days that I would rather spend the same amount or just a few dollars more on a nice book that will actually get used!

I planned 4 games for the party and we had a great time!

The first was the traditional cut the yarn to the length that you think mommy's belly is. Courtney was a great sport about this game (I refused to play it at my shower) and luckily most of her guests were pretty close to right!

The second was another idea that I stole from one of my showers. Basically you give everyone a Ziploc bag and tell them to put any spare change they have in it. The person with the heaviest bag (judged by the guest of honor) wins. Also, bills will be given special weight consideration :) Then all of the money is put into a piggy bank to start baby's saving account. I had never heard of this game before my shower, but it amazed me how generous people were and the same happened with Courtney's shower. Everyone enjoyed it and baby boy now has a nice chunk of change to start out his life!

The third was the animal babies game. Basically you give everyone a list of animals and they have to answer with the name of the babies. Some versions of this game that I found online were way too easy, so I combined a few to make it a bit harder. Oh and make sure you give people a time limit, they will keep trying to guess forever! If you'd like to see my version, here's a link to the Animal Babies Game and the Answer Key.

Finally, we played Baby Shower Price is Right! I wish I had a picture of this because it was definitely the most fun game we did. Before the shower, I shopped at Walmart for a list of baby items and noted the price of each one and then my final total. At the shower, I gave people a list of the items and as I held up each one, they wrote down what they thought the price of the item was. Whoever came closest to the total amount of the items won. People were really surprised by the cost of some of the items, especially the baby socks, they're expensive!! All of the items from the game were then given to Courtney. Here is the document I made for the game, you can easily change your game to different baby items.You can download a better version of this image here.

Baby Shower Games
We had a great time and I loved celebrating the new life about to enter the world. I never get sick of baby showers!

Did you have a baby shower? What was your favorite part?

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  1. I absolutely love the idea of bringing books instead of cards. I never know what to do with cards and I actually hate receiving them for this reason. Books are awesome and, as you know, kids love them! My Addie can't get enough of them.



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