Monday, October 1, 2012

Baby items I "need"

With only a little over a month left until Connor's arrival, I'm starting to narrow down the final things we "need" for him. Whether I really "need" these things is debatable, but it's all stuff I want!

1. My Little Snugamonkey Cradle Swing- This is the one major thing that I really do feel like we need before he arrives. Grace loved her swing and it was often the only way she would sleep at night. We borrowed hers and have had to return it, so we need to get one for him here in the next few weeks. I love this one because it can be plugged in and it's so adorable. We'll see if I can talk Mike into getting it!

2. Trumpette Baby-boys Newborn Baby Oxford 6 Pair Sock Set- I love Trumpette socks. They fit newborn feet and they're absolutely about the cutest socks ever. I can't justify spending so much on baby socks, but I want them!!

3. aden + anais 2 Pack Muslin Swaddle Wrap, Prince Charming- So many of my friends rave about these blankets, and we have yet to try them. Again, too expensive for me to justify buying, but I still drool over them when I go to Buy Buy Baby :)

4. Baby Jogger 2011 City Mini Double Stroller, Crimson/Gray- I cannot even tell you how much I want this stroller. It folds up easily, it's compact and it's pretty! Yes, I care if my stroller is pretty, don't you? I am still in the process of convincing Mike that we really do need a nearly $400 stroller. I am not in a huge hurry to get it because I won't be needing to put both kids in a stroller for a while. I will most likely wear Connor if I need to for short trips out of the house and Grace has been really anti-stroller lately so I'm going to hold off a while longer I think. By next summer, I'm sure I will be wanting it.

What baby items did you or are you currently drooling over? There's so many amazing baby products out there, I'm sure I'm missing some great ones! Feel free to help me make my list longer!

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