Monday, September 10, 2012

Grace's first (and only) modeling adventure!

Grace had her first (and probably only) modeling gig a couple of weeks ago! A local photographer, LTM Photography, was looking for girls to model her new line of hair bows and tutus and I jumped at the chance!

Grace was not in the best of moods that morning and really didn't feel like cooperating at first. Luckily, the shoot took place in a local wildlife park and a flock of turkeys walked close to our group and decided to hang out for a while. Grace loves animals and thought the turkey were about the coolest things ever. She said "tur ey" and "gobble gobble" and happily walked on the trail towards them. Grandma came to the shoot with us and spent a ton of time walking/running with Grace on the trail showing her the turkeys. Jennifer, the amazing photographer, took advantage of Grace's mood change and got some great shots of Grace in motion. Getting a toddler to pose is pretty impossible, so we just let Grace do her thing and got some gorgeous images. I am so happy to have them. Although I have to admit that I've cried multiple times because she looks so much older in these pictures. I warn you, there a lot. This isn't even all of them but I had to share because I love them all!

My favorite!

Running to see the turkeys! Another favorite

And here are a couple where you can really see what kind of mood she was in! These were both when we tried to get her to pose.
The famous toddler back arch that always come with a tantrum in our house
Jennifer was so patient with Grace and I can't recommend her enough! Plus the bows and tutus are absolutely adorable! Check out her photography page, LTM Photography, and her new bow and tutu boutique, Anna Matthews Boutique!

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