Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Favorite Things: Toddler Edition + Boogie Wipes Giveaway!

I posted a while ago about Grace's Favorite Things and I wanted to share the things that I have found useful as a parent now that she is a toddler.

1. An Ear Thermometer- One night last week, Grace felt warm to me and so I quickly took her temperature and got a reading of 103 degrees. We were able to get her temp down before she went to bed, but the situation reminded me of how glad I am that we got a nice ear thermometer. When she was a baby, we would take her temp with a normal thermometer under her arm. Now I can't imagine trying to get her to sit still long enough for that. I can barely get her to stand still for the few seconds it takes to get a reading in her ear. We have the Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer and it is great. I love how fast it is and it is very easy to use.

2. Food pouches- I had never heard of these amazing things until I had Grace. Basically, they're fruit and veggie purees in handy little pouches. It seems like just a novelty right? Why can't you just give them purees out of a jar or feed them real fruits and veggies? There is something magical about these pouches in our house. For some reason, Grace will not eat veggies. No matter how I offer them, she eats around them or flat out refuses to eat. But if I give her one of the pouches, she devours it. Plus, there is no mess! They're great for travel. They have become my go to snack for when we travel to Wichita to visit my family. Grace prefers the Plum Organics brand, don't ask me why, probably because they're one of the most expensive. She's acquiring my taste levels.

Grace at a year old enjoying a fruit pouch on a trip to Wichita

3. And last but certainly not least, Boogie Wipes. If you have not tried these wipes yet and you have a kid in your house of any age, you should. Grace hates getting her face wiped off. When she has a cold, it is a constant struggle to keep her face snot free. And cleaning her up after a messy meal? Well, lets just say it's exhausting. Boogie Wipes make these jobs much easier and are a great alternative to a normal tissue or paper towel.

Boogie Wipes are made with natural saline to dissolve boogies (mucus) caused by the common cold, allergies or otherwise booger-filled kid moments. Extra soft, alcohol, phthalate and paraben free, Boogie Wipes are available in Great Grape, Fresh Scent, Minty Menthol and Simply Unscented. 

They are really soft and don't irritate the skin like a tissue does. Grace likes the smell of them and will use them to clean her own face! She won't do that with anything else. When she has a cold, we can quickly and easily get rid of the snot and there's no skin irritation at all. To me, that makes them worth every penny!


Have you tried Boogie Wipes? Would you like to? Boogie Wipes has generously offered to give one of my readers two packs of 30 count wipes (scent combination will vary!)

How to Enter:
This is a Rafflecopter giveaway.  Click "read more" and then follow the instructions on the widget. All current likes/follows count! Please contact me if you run into any technical difficulties with Rafflecopter.  The giveaway runs through Wednesday, September 12th at 12:01 AM EST! Open to US residents only.

The first two entries are mandatory- Follow Moments That Take My Breath Away on Google Friend Connect and like Boogie Wipes on Facebook!. Once you complete these entries, the widget will give you the option of completing the rest. Complete more steps for more chances to win!

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. We love Boogie Wipes - the grape scent is the best!!

  2. Boogie Wipes are worth every penny

  3. Grape scent is awesome!

  4. I would like to try the Menthol scent. Thanks!

  5. I'd like to try the grape scent for my son!

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  6. Grape! dmatthews38751@yahoo.com

  7. unscented

    tuckersaver at hotmail dot com

  8. I like unscented and grape best.

    New Follower! Looking forward to reading more!
    Hope you will follow back!
    Daisy @ http://trendymomreviews.blogspot.com

  9. i would like to try the grape scent :)

  10. I would like to try the Grape Scented.

  11. We would like to try the Grape scented Boogie Wipes.


  12. any one would be grate but the grape is nice

  13. i would like to try the grape scent

  14. I would like to try Great Grape please. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  15. grape sounds nice.

  16. I would like the grape!
    fb; rab pom

  17. I like the Grape!
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  18. Menthol would be really effective, I think.

  19. I am already a HUGE fan of this brand and love love love their Great Grape scent the best for every day use and the Magic Menthol when I have a cold!!



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