Friday, September 28, 2012


I apologize in advance, but I have to get my Pixar nerdiness out of the way quickly. From the moment I started thinking about writing this post, this few seconds from Finding Nemo kept popping into my head!

Sorry for the randomness, and now to the real post.

We visited Wichita this past weekend for my best friend's baby shower and while we were there, Grace found a new obsession, bubbles. I bought some bubbles at the beginning of summer that didn't turn out to be very good. They didn't last long and just weren't great quality. So she wasn't very interested.

I didn't really think she would care when my nieces started playing bubbles this weekend. These bubbles were way better than the ones I had and Grace loved them. She quickly learned to say "bubble" and asked for the most of the weekend. She loves running around in them and trying to catch them. My parents sent us home with one of the bottles and we have been playing with them every night on the deck at her request. I took pictures and video tonight to capture the cuteness.

It's hard to capture her pure joy with just pictures, so I had to take a video. She runs around in circles giggling at the bubbles. If you listen closely, you can even hear her say bubble in the middle of the video!

She's going to be angry when it gets too cold to play outside. For now, we are all appreciating the gorgeous fall weather!

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